5 ways animals are benefiting from the lockdown

5 ways animals are benefiting from the lockdown

During the lockdown of many cities and areas around the world, there has been an incredible number of negative factors that have come along with what is being called the ‘new normal’.

Whilst these factors are negative we have also found some positives, especially in relation to animals and wildlife from around the world.

Below is our list of 5 ways animals are benefiting from the lockdown.

These are just a few of the benefits and if you have some you would like to add, we are always looking for more to add.

Here are our five positives:



Pollution Reduction

Thanks to the shutting down of non-essential service, pollution levels across the globe have plummeted as fish, birds, and wildlife reap the benefits of this ‘new normal’ (at least for the time being).

Reports of wild animals moving freely and enjoying the empty spaces have been reported globally and we think they certainly deserve a good run of the place whilst we are locked up inside.

We are loving seeing the animals have their time in the sun!



No Horse Racing

Due to the restrictions placed on isolation, races using horses and greyhounds have been suspended giving these beautiful animals a chance to rest, recover, and not be abused by those wishing to profit from them.

Not only are they not running, but the industry is now finding ways to conduct the races digitally!

This is a great forward-thinking solution for the industry and something we hope to see more of in the future!

See the incredible work The Animal Justice Party are doing to stop these industries


No Running of the Bulls or Bullfighting

This years’ Running of the bulls in Pamplona was canceled meaning the unnecessary cruelty towards the Spanish bulls has ceased, at least for this year.

Bullfighting has also been suspended and we can only hope that this gives us all time to reflect on just how unnecessary these ‘traditions’ have now become in a 2020 world.

Surely this time will see a changing of the guard and an end to the stupidly cruel practices happening around the world.

See PETA’s campaign to end the bull run for good HERE.


Increased Adoptions

Through the isolation period, many shelters and foster homes have registered more adoptions than usual for this particular time of year.

With people at home and with more time on their hands, we are searching out for love and companionship in the form of beautiful rescued animals.

This is so great to hear, as these vulnerable animals are all so deserving of a warm and loving home.

See Animal Liberation Queenslands‘ heartwarming video below:



All of the walks, pats & cuddles!

More walks, more cuddles, and more playtime!

Has anyone benefited more from the isolation restrictions than our furry pet friends? With everyone at home, our pets have been given more of our attention and time than ever before, and not only is this good for them, it’s also great for us!

We know the benefits of pets to wellbeing and mental health, so this has been a positive by-product of this situation.


So, did you agree with our five? As mentioned, we would love to hear your thoughts on it so please feel free to leave a comment below or email us today!

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