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7 Vegan Podcasts You Need in Your Life

7 Vegan Podcasts You Need in Your Life

Nowadays if you aren’t listening to podcasts, you aren’t part of the conversation. Over the last 5 years or more, podcasts on all topics have popped up and people can’t seem to get enough.

We are huge fans of a variety of podcasts and hosts from NPR’s ‘How I Built This’ to comedy podcasts and beyond. But in this feature, we wanted to shine a light on some of the incredible vegan podcasts that are out there and that are making (sound) waves for the vegan and vegan-curious amongst us.

So here is a small selection of 7 vegan podcasts to help inspire, motivate and guide you in living a healthy and happy vegan lifestyle.

7 Vegan Podcasts


Rich Roll


Rich Roll is an accomplished vegan ultra-endurance athlete and bestselling author.  He’s a wellness & plant-based warrior, popular public speaker, husband, father of 4.  Rich interviews an array of incredible people and not just those in the ‘vegan’ space. His podcast is well-produced and always highly engaging.



Disclosure Podcast


Earthling Ed (Aka Ed Winters) is a Public Speaker, Vegan Educator and activist based in London.  In his podcast, he explores veganism, ethics and the environment. For those looking to improve their advocacy knowledge or learn a little more about animal rights, this is the podcast for you.



Food For Thought


Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s is a recognized expert and thought leader on the culinary, social, ethical, and practical aspects of living compassionately and healthfully, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau is a speaker, cultural commentator, podcaster, and award-winning author of seven books.



Vegan Business Talk

Katrina Fox is an award-winning journalist, publicity consultant, editor of the vegan business blog VeganBusinessMedia.com, host of Vegan Business Talk podcast and author of Vegan Ventures: Start and
Grow an Ethical Business.



Plant Proof

Simon Hill is an expert in the science and nutrition behind the whole food plant based diet. He is passionate about making nutritional information simple and accessible so that people can make informed decisions about the food they feed themselves and their family. A great listen with great guests.



The Carbstrong Cast

Joey Carbstrong is an Australian animal rights activist and passionate vegan.
He is known for advocating for veganism and animal liberation through his social media pages, YouTube and public speaking engagements.
You may have seen him featured in various televised interviews/debates. His podcast is a no-nonsense take on the vegan movement and animal activism.



The Bearded Vegans

Andy and Paul are The Bearded Vegans. They dissect all things vegan.
Topics range from news, reviews, interviews and much more!


Final Thoughts

What did you think of our 7 Vegan Podcast you need to listen to?

These seven podcasts are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what is out there. There are plenty more amazing vegan podcasts out there and we are always on the lookout for new and interesting shows.

If you have recently listened and enjoyed a podcast not mentioned above, please comment your opinion below.

If you have a suggestion that we should add to the list please let us know at hey@letsgovegan.com.au today.

Happy Listening!

Also: if you are more of a reader than a listener, here are 10 Vegan Book Suggestions


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