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A Few Quick Questions With The Greenback Team

A Few Quick Questions With The Greenback Team

If you have been into your local service station or even Chemist Warehouse of late, you may have already seen the Greenback range of delicious plant-based protein bars. If you haven’t, you will certainly notice them now after we introduce you to the founders and explore a little bit about the journey and ethos of the Greenback brand.

Run by Peta, Kelly, Luke, and Matt, Greenback has made huge strides into the vegan convenience market with its range of tasty, vegan protein bars.

We thought we’d ask them a few questions about why they do what they do and how they got started.

We went vegan because…

Our team as a collective represents the various stages the wider population are at on their plant-based journey. Whether it be vegan or flexitarian, it’s important to celebrate an individual’s commitment to the cause. Kelly and Peta have a passion for plant-based cooking and are invested in supporting their children and husbands in adopting a predominately plant-based diet.

The vegan documentary or book everyone needs to see or read is…

How Not to Die – Michael Greger.MD

The Proof is in the Plants – Simon Hill

Fiber Fueled – Will Bulsiewicz, MD MSCI

Our favourite local Vegan Eatery is…

Our new favourite is Eden Bondi. As a Team, it’s the first place we are going to dine as soon as we are out of Sydney lockdown.

The person that inspires our vegan journey the most is…

It’s a close call between Dr Michael Gregor and Simon Hill. Both provide science-based information based on the latest in nutrition research supporting plant-based living. Dr Gregor runs NutritionFacts.org a non-profit website featuring videos and articles that support plant-based living to overcome and prevent illness, and Simon Hill donates 100% of the profit from his book The Proof is in the Plants to protect rainforests.

We started Greenback in order to…

Help people just like us! We were trying to find snack food that helped us stay true to our ethos without compromising on taste. It just wasn’t available. Greenback was born out of a need to support a healthier plant-based lifestyle. Greenback bars are enrobed in dark chocolate and our taste resembles iconic world-famous brands!

The most inspiring result our business has achieved is… 

That we’ve launched in more than 7000 stores in only 12 months! We are humbled by the response to Greenback and want to thanks our customer base and our retailers. You can now find Greenback bars in Coles, Woolworths, Chemist Warehouse, most petrol and convenience stores like 7-Eleven, BP, Woolworths Petrol, nutrition outlets, health food shops. We are also supplying the mines in QLD and WA and the airforce and army bases around Australia!

We hope in 3 – 5 years Greenback is…

Top of mind when people talk about plant-based foods and plant-based nutrition, not just in Australia but all over the world.

The best thing about being vegan is…

Experiencing mindful eating. Finding a path that is not only the healthiest for our bodies but for our spirit. It is a way to give back in a society that is always taking. It’s a win for human health, the animals and the environment and is the future of sustaining life as we know it.

Finally… What is your ultimate vegan meal and who would you eat it with?

Matt- Mushroom stroganoff with mashed potato and greens

Peta- Smashed avocado and cherry tomatoes on sourdough

Luke- Pasta with Broccoli

Kelly- Vegan burrito bowl

It’s a unanimous agreement, it’s got to be Sir David Attenborough. His investigation into the monumental scale of humanity’s impact on nature and his first-hand reflection on the changes he has witnessed in his lifetime has been a massive catalyst for awakening people into the need for sustainable living. David at our family dinner table would be nothing short of inspiring.

Final Thoughts

Guys, thank you so much for sharing your story and the amazing journey that Greenback has had so far! Getting the products into 7000 stores is incredibly impressive and it’s great to know that the army and airforce are being given access to quality plant-powered fuel!

We can’t wait to see what’s next for the brand!

To follow more of Greenback’s journey visit them Here

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