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A reductionistic approach to Veganism

A reductionistic approach to Veganism.

In a recent interview with Mashable,  Brian Kateman the president of The Reducetarian Foundation outlines some very positive reasons to ditch the meat and opt for a more sustainable and healthier choice.

The Reducetarian Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to help people reduce the number of animal products they consume for both health and environmental reasons. They do this, not by creating a stigma around the word vegan, but instead by encouraging a reduction in animal consumption, hence the term reducetarian.

Here at Let’s Go Vegan we are big fans of this approach and any approach that looks to ‘open the gates’ for individuals to reduce their consumption of animal products. Whilst some argue for an all or none approach, we feel that making the movement accessible as far more important than drawing lines in the sand, or at worst alienating anyone.

So with Brian’s thoughtful approach, we are seeing a reimagination of the vegan/vegetarian movement and accessibility that is appealing to the broader community.

Below you can watch his video and also take a look at some of the very real reasons to ditch the animals for a healthier future.

Reason’s to cut back on the meat:

– Heart Disease
– Cancer
– Diabetes
– Obesity


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