A Vegan Chat With...

A Vegan Chat with Chef Charlie Carrington

A Vegan Chat with Chef Charlie Carrington

In the lead up to the Melbourne Food & Wine event later this month, we wanted to chat to a few of the top chefs who have been invited into the jungle to cook vegan for the night.

One of those gun chefs is Charlie Carrington of Atlas fame. We spoke with Charlie about what we can all expect from him and his team, and we got his thoughts on the future of vegan food here in Australia.

Enjoy the chat.

You’ve experimented with plant-based & vegan in the past with Colours Bowls, are you excited to be doing it again?

It’s exciting to be in front of a new audience showing off our stuff! Atlas dining my restaurant is currently cooking Lebanese Food and so much of that is vegan by default, So I feel privileged to show the roots of the cuisine authentically! 


How have consumer tastes changed over the last few years, are you finding vegan is more accepted in 2020?

Diners are getting smarter with there food choices, They will open their diet to more plant-based and I believe hunt for better quality if they don’t eat plant-based. Vegan dining is now accepted and expected citywide and I think that’s exciting and if you can’t make vegan delicious, cookings not for you! 


What is your specialty vegan / plant-based dish?

Mediterranean dishes for sure, Its the worlds most healthy diet and favours vegetables cooked simply. I love making simple salads and intentionally burnt vegetable dishes that have some must smoke and flavour.


What can we expect from you at this year’s MFWF?

At MFWF this year we are cooking Falafel wraps with wood fire bread and also a Mezze platter featuring items from farm made into many different little salads, pickles, and dips 


What other plant-based chefs or eateries inspire you?

Obvious answer but Shannon from Smith & Daughters, She once said to me “if you can make it vegetarian why not make it vegan” that really inspired me to think outside the book with my plant-based cooking 


How do you see the vegan movement influencing the Australian food scene over the next 10 years?

As chefs learn how to harness the power of vegetables and our guests are asking for them it can only grow! 


Chris will be cooking in the upcoming Welcome To The Jungle Event in Melbourne. To find out more visit the event page HERE.

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