A Vegan Chat With...

A Vegan Chat With Chelsey Johns of Like A Vegan

A Vegan Chat With Chelsey Johns of Like A Vegan

A Vegan Chat With.

Chelsey Johns is a vegetarian from way back, who went ‘fully vegan’ at the age of 19.

She now runs a fantastic vegan blog from Newcastle Australia, covering food recipes, beauty, travel, lifestyle, and of course the best places to eat around town.

We chatted with her about her blog and how it inspires her and others on their vegan journey.

Enjoy the chat with Chelsey.


You started the blog to host your recipes, but what started your entire vegan journey? What’s the origin story?

I went vegetarian when I was about 13 because my brothers told me they’d love me more if didn’t eat meat (I’m fairly certain they were joking but it worked!). I’d always kind of dismissed veganism for being too hard but when I was 19 I realised I’d been eating mostly vegan anyway so I decided to fully commit.

Who continues to inspire your vegan journey today?

There are so many amazing vegans doing incredible things but for me, it’s seeing so many vegan businesses and products popping to not only fill gaps in the market but create more options that make being vegan or trying vegan products more exciting!

When people ask you about going vegan or are interested, what’s the one piece of advice you give them?

If you’re not ready to dive in 100%, take your time and find replacements for the non-vegan products you’re willing to say goodbye to. Over time, you might find yourself completely vegan but if not, every step counts!

Where do you hope the blog will be in 3 – 5 years? What is your big audacious goal for it?

I don’t actually have any lofty goals for Like A Vegan and I think that’s what makes it so special. It has always been a hobby and a bit of a side-hustle but my intention has never really been for it to become my main gig. I like the freedom of cooking or posting when I feel inspired and if it became my main source of income, there’s a risk I’d end up resenting it!

You are located in Newcastle Australia, what are some of your top spots for Vegan food for anyone visiting or living there?

While we only have a handful of completely vegan spots, you can find vegan options just about anywhere these days! Pino’s is a must-visit for incredible vegan Italian (open for delivery under the current restrictions) and they’re slowly taking over Newy with a burger joint at The Family Hotel plus a Mexican joint in the works at The Cambridge Hotel as well. Mockingbird is my go-to for brunch with excellent coffee and a good selection of vegan items on the menu. If I’m after something sweet, I can’t go past the vegan gelato options at Popolo. And when Newcastle Vegan Market rolls into town, you know it’s all about to go down!


If you could only share one recipe with our community which would it be?

My Kentucky Fried Cauliflower is a real crowd pleaser and gets a lot of hits!

What is your ‘Go-To’ lazy vegan dinner?

Is it bad if I just say takeaway? I’m no stranger to getting a pizza delivered when I’m not in the mood to cook. Otherwise, I’ll make up a little snack plate with crackers, dips and vegan cheeses.

Favourite vegan treat(s)?

On the savoury side I’m all about pizza and chips but if I have a sweet craving I never turn down a doughnut or ice cream!

Favourite vegan beauty brand(s)?

A lot of the vegan beauty I use isn’t from specifically vegan brands but those that are cruelty-free with a selection of vegan options. DB, ColourPop and elf all make great affordable cosmetics and skincare that’s easily accessible. I also use a lot of products from MECCA’s range and love skincare from Pixi Beauty an esmi too.

Who should we interview next?

Neddie from Huntd!

Chelsey, thank you so much for taking the time out to chat with us about your blog and all things vegan. If you would like to follow Chelseys’ journey visit her website  HERE, Instagram & Facebook pages for all the awesome vegan food & details.

And If you want to read about more amazing vegans, check out our Vegan Chat section here.


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