A Vegan Chat With...

A Vegan Chat With Lauren & Adam of ‘Defining Vegan’

A Vegan Chat With Lauren & Adam of ‘Defining Vegan’

A Vegan Chat With Lauren & Adam of ‘Defining Vegan’

In our latest chat, we speak with Melbourne vegan couple ‘Defining Vegan’ about how they got started on their vegan journey and how that journey coupled with their activism has brought them even closer together.

How did you each discover veganism? Did one convince the other to go vegan initially?

I was always very uncomfortable with the idea of eating animals when I was younger but it wasn’t until I discovered veganism through a friend a little over six years ago that I understood that you didn’t need to consume animal products.

I first discovered the word veganism through social media platforms, it always had my curiosity. It wasn’t until I discovered through several documentaries how animals were really treated behind closed doors and that we could survive and even thrive on a plant-based diet, it only made sense to become vegan myself.

It didn’t take very much convincing for Adam to go vegan after we met. Luckily, Lauren was already very knowledgable on the subject, so she was able to answer any concerns Adam may have had along the way.

How has veganism enhanced your life? And relationship?

In many aspects, veganism has enhanced both of our lives. To name a few, it has helped with recovering and performing better with our workouts, enhanced job performances with a sharper mind and the ability to stay clear-headed throughout the day and being able to live a life where your actions align with your morals.

You wouldn’t think it was possible to strengthen an already tight-knit relationship, but veganism has managed to bring us closer together in a way that’s indescribable. To be able to share with your partner something not a lot of people might understand, really strengthens the bond of a relationship. From something as simple as an inside joke to standing alongside each other doing some form of activism, it has managed to really highlight what we value in each other and really appreciate and hold on to those special moments.

LGV: That’s wonderful guys, what a great binding passion for you to share!

What activism do you do as a couple?

We started our activism with street-based outreaching by participating in The Cube of Truth with Anonymous for the Voiceless. It was an incredible experience for both of us to finally be doing more for the animals. After awhile we joined in on rallies, protests and slaughterhouse vigils.

We decided that sharing the journey was important in helping a much larger audience and that’s when we started our joint Instagram. The goal was to show people that vegans can live happy and healthy lives without harming other beings. Our account shares a variety of content including; workout videos, food and recipes, and our activism. We look forward to attending other forms of activism in the future!

Who continues to inspire this activism? 

Chris Delforce, Earthling Ed, James Aspey, Joey Carbstrong, Derek Simnett (Simnett Nutrition), Kallie (Adeline Dawn) Most importantly though, we inspire each other.

How has veganism helped your health & fitness?

Veganism has played a big factor in our overall health and fitness. It has encouraged us to not only eat well but take care of ourselves by doing extra activities like yoga, meditation and going for walks. However, we find ourselves in the gym 5-6 times a week constantly reaching new goals!

The Western diet is drowning in horrible food, so your health will thank you for consuming whole foods at least 80% of the time. In saying that, enjoy the vegan junk food on occasion because your mental health is just as important as physical health.

The biggest vegan myth is?

That all we eat is grass and we can’t get enough of ‘an given’ nutrient.

Can’t recall a time either of us has ever eaten grass in our lives. As for nutrients, we would gladly show you our blood test results. You’d be surprised how much healthier we are than meat-eaters (tell me again how your Maccas diet is doing you good haha).

You are a Melbourne couple, best vegan food can be found at…?

We find ourselves in Fitzroy and Collingwood more often than not. Some of our favourites are Smith & Deli, Loving Hut, The Vegie Bar, Red Sparrow Pizzeria, The B.East, and Tidbit Cakes.

8. Favourite vegan cheat meal (donut, icecream, etc?)

If sweets/desserts are involved, you know I’m there!!


If someone is inspired to go vegan, what is the one piece of advice you would give them?

Do your research, make sure you have a solid understanding of the benefits for the animals, your health and the environment. You are going to see a lot of negative media towards vegans which you’re better off ignoring.  Remember why you went vegan in the first place.

Finally, who should we interview next?

Our beautiful friend Kallie @adeline.dawn

Thank you so much, Lauren & Adam!
It sounds like veganism has not only brought you closer but has given you a mission to strive towards as a real team.  Thank you for sharing how veganism has enhanced your lives.

To follow their journey, visit their Instagram Page Here or go and check out the work of one of their favourite activists Chris Delforce for his work with Aussie Farms/Dominion Movement and his team. 

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Until next time!


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