A Vegan Chat With...

A Vegan Chat With Photographer Jacqui Rose

A Vegan Chat With Photographer Jacqui Rose

A Vegan Chat With Photographer Jacqui Rose

Jacqui Rose is a young girl with many talents.

From design, graphics, editing, art & most importantly photography, we discovered her through her work with the annual Adelaide Vegan Festival (See her review & images HERE).

Jacqui was kind enough to talk to us about her photography as well as the very important question of where to get the best vegan food in Adelaide.

Enjoy the chat.


Tell us about yourself and your journey to a conscious lifestyle

 My name is Jacqui Brogan (Or most people know me as Jacqui Rose). I’m 25 years old and have been vegan for 10 years now after finally seeing that it just wasn’t right to kill and harm others in my way of living. In the past I’ve had struggles with bullying, depression, eating disorders and anxiety. Following a long path to finding my true self and learning to go Vegan, it was a journey and something I’m very grateful for as it’s made me the person I am today, which is the happiest I’ve ever been and knowing myself worth and who I want to be, for myself and my path! Having this journey of self-development and finding who I really am, I now want to help others find their path and while sharing my creative side.

Why are animals so important to you?

Growing up I’ve always been a huge animal lover as a child, from thinking I could talk to animals and be-friending wild birds in my yard to feed after school. I’ve always had a deep love and connection for other living beings than just humans. Animals do so much for this planet and how the ecosystem works, a lot of people don’t think about it much. I don’t see a difference between humans or animals as we are all equal beings on this earth and all have our purpose, so why harm one and not the other? 

You talk a lot about self-care and looking after yourself, what are some of your favourite vegan products?

I think self-love and care are really important for everyone, men, women, and children. It’s part of treating your body well and taking time out for yourself. Not all self-love has to be done with buying or treating yourself to something but it can be part of it. Some of my favourite vegan products are by the brands Lush, Oh Deer Sugar, Designer Brands, Purple Maiden Bath & Body, Frank Body, Sukin and making my own too. 

You do awesome photography, what are your favourite vegan events or places to shoot? 

Thank you so much that really means a lot. Honestly, I love anything from food events, animals and people, I just like being out and capturing other people enjoying themselves or showing off the new vegan products and food I love! 

Where do you see your work and creativity leading in the next 3-5 years or longer? What is your ultimate goal with it?

I hate to think so far ahead and just love to take life and the journey as it comes, but I’d love to have a bigger business (brand) within my photography and design, helping and working with other small vegan companies and brands to lift there’s and promote veganism in all the ways I can. I’d also love to work with bigger brands and help out with rescue farms and maybe do a few little side projects of my own to travel the world with.

You recently shot for the Adelaide Vegan Festival, what was the best part of the event and what stalls did you love?

I’ve worked with the vegan festival for the past 2 years now and have loved every minute so much with just the overall vibe and interacting with so many like-minded and wonderful people.  I love getting to meet all the stallholders and find out how they came about their business and learning more about everyone else’s stories in veganism.

I loved all the stalls I couldn’t pick one but it’s a great event overall cause you get to learn more about some of your favourite food stalls + new ones.

Who inspires your work?

Everyone around me (depending on what my work is). I have such a love and passion for sharing stories, other people’s creations and capturing a moment in time if that’s food, events or even nature.

I have always loved working with animals, so being able to capture pets or animals in nature is something that naturally inspires me.

Food Photography I love as it shows off Vegan Food and how it can be amazing and share the passion and love the chef has put into making it. Food is an art and to capture that and someone else’s passion is so wonderful!  

Best vegan eatery in South Australia (you can name more than one!)

My favourite place hands down are Sushi Planet, the food is honestly amazing and they can cater to anyone which is lovely cause anyone can hang out and enjoy food together no matter what lifestyle or diet they are on. If you love Japanese food I highly recommend it’s so fresh, the quality and different sets of sushi are amazing from Mango to seaweed and pumpkin. They do more than just sushi, so don’t let the name fool you, from Skewers, Udon Noddles, Rice Bowls, Tempura and Salads! They have so many vegan set meals and options.

A few other places you have to visit are:

• Cherry Darlings 

• Bob Bowls

• Plant 4 Bowden 

• Bomdia Bowls

• An Lac Vegetarian/Vegan Buffet

• Argoes on the parade 

• Crux

• Loveon Cafe

• Metta Sol

• Nutrition Republic 

• The Lost Deli 

• Cafe Troppo

• staaziandco

 Live A Little Gelato 

• Sassii

Amazing list! Thank you for sharing all of these!
What other vegans in Adelaide are doing great things locally??

So many people are creating all different events here in Adelaide, its really crazy how big the vegan community is, from a Gin Festival, Vegan Palooza, Plant Based Markets and a few small little dinners and hangouts people create on Facebook. A lot of non-vegan places are also creating and getting into a few events which is great! 

Who should we interview next?

There are a few people in mind actually:

Live a Little Gelato: who makes vegan ice cream.
Sassi Ice Cream: Who created vegan Middle Eastern style vegan ice cream with her family recipes.
Lea McBride: She is the Director and Event coordinator for all the major vegan events here in Adelaide from The Vegan Festival to Gincident and Vegan Palooza?
Sushi Plant Chef/staff: You could interview a non-labelled vegan restaurant on how having more vegan options and creating a vegan-friendly space has affected their business and how they see it growing.


Ok, Jacqui wow! Thank you so much for sharing such a wealth of knowledge on the vegan scene in South Australia. For those who are SA based or travelling South anytime soon, please take note of the huge selection of amazing vegan eateries and brands.

For those who want to dive into Jacqui’s work, and we think you should, you can check out her WEBSITE, INSTAGRAM, ADELAIDE VEGAN FESTIVAL ARTICLE & PHOTO’S PAGE.

And for more stories of the people of the vegan movement, visit our Vegan Chat section HERE.


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