A Vegan Chat With..., Young Vegans

A Vegan Chat With Teen Vegan Earthly Elise

A Vegan Chat With Teen Vegan Earthly Elise

In this vegan chat, we speak with teen vegan Elise about all things vegan. She shares how her research and passion turned her parents into her number one ‘vegan supporting’ fans and how going vegan has helped her feel even stronger
when performing as a trampoline gymnast.


So who is the person behind @Earthlyelise?

My name is Elise, I’m currently 14 and in year 9 and I am an elite trampoline gymnast 🙂

How did your vegan journey begin? Was there a particular film, moment or event that sparked it?

My journey into veganism is actually quite funny not gonna lie. As a kid I was always a pretty healthy child and was ‘that’ kid who would be eating the fruit instead of the cake at parties. As years went by my knowledge into nutrition grew and I was at school one lunch and the topic of veganism came up with my friends and I. At this point, I was pretty plant-based but not fully and for fun my friend group and I all went vegan for a week and after that it’s history! I’ve also never seen any vegan documentaries because I already knew in my heart that what went on was cruel and wrong and couldn’t force myself to cry as I watched animals die.

What did your family think of your vegan lifestyle change?

As like many people, family was the biggest barrier in turning completely vegan. My parents have always been super supportive of me but still had a few concerns, and definitely had so many questions. I know that they just wanted the best for me and for me to be happy and healthy so over many, many months I continued to expand their knowledge and now they are my #1 fans!!

What do friends and kids at school think? Are there many other vegans at school?

Great question! Within gymnastics all my friends are so supportive and love my account and are always begging me to make them food which is a really nice support to have, and at school no one knew I was vegan except that old friend group who went vegan with me until about 3 weeks ago when a few girls from my grade were asking what I had for lunch and then they found out. They found it really fascinating and at school it’s not a big thing, but they don’t have anything against it.

Most of my grade still do not know but I have nothing against people knowing but the topic has never popped up so I feel there is no need to go around telling people!!

I also don’t know of any vegans at my school but there are a few vegetarians, so who knows maybe someone is hiding out there with me!

With your Instagram, what do you hope to achieve? Who would benefit from following?

My Instagram has always just been a little fun thing that I enjoyed but as I continually grow I would love to just share positivity and the word about veganism, as I think it is a really cool thing. So I truly think that everyone would benefit one way or another from following my account, whether influencing the vegan lifestyle or learning how to appreciate how amazing our body’s and this life is! I also have some pretty fun and exciting things planned for the future so definitely stay tuned for that. 

You post a lot of delicious food! What’s your ‘go-to’ vegan meal to make at home?

Aww Thankyou! It’s very clique but the kitchen is my happy place and I love experimenting with new ingredients and recipes but at the moment I am obsessed with my Thai green curry tofu!! (Recipe on my feed).

How has going vegan helped or improved your fitness?

Well, I am actually a trampoline gymnast so have always been a pretty active child but since going vegan I just feel so much stronger and motivated in my everyday life!

Who are some of your vegan idols?

There are so many amazing vegan influencers out there but I love Pippin Jardine, Ashley Wicka, Maddie Lymburner and Tess Begg.

Who should we interview next?

Definitely Liz from @itslizmiu because she is such a sweet gal and inspiration to me and I would love to hear more about her veganism journey! 

Elise, thank you so much for sharing your story with us.

Guys, if you love a good food account that doesn’t just look good but is super healthy too, go and checkout @Earthlyelise today!

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