A Vegan Chat With...

A Vegan Chat With the founders of Vverde The Label

A Vegan Chat With the founders of Vverde The Label

A Vegan Chat With the founders of Vverde The Label

Melbourne Lawyers turned ethical businesswomen, Danielle Snell & Olivia Warwick are on a mission to merge ethics with fashion.

Their brand, Vverde The Label is the brainchild of this mission and consists of a range of stylish (whilst cruelty-free) bags for the modern women.

The brand is PETA approved and of the highest quality. We wanted to chat with the girls about how it all came about.

Enjoy the chat below.


Where did the name Vverde come from and what is the brands’ core mantra or value?

The name derives from the Spanish word for green – Verde – but we charged it to Vverde the label. It represents our values for sustainability and protecting the environment. 

You are both previously lawyers, what was the final push that made you say, we ‘NEED’ to start this brand?

A mutual love for animals and fashion! We wanted to create beautiful cruelty-free handbags that everyone could enjoy that are made from beautiful vegan leathers and fabrics and which feature classical feminine designs and embroidery. Our work as lawyers helped us develop the perfect skills to kick start a business and make our vision a reality! 

What do you hope for VVerde in the next 3 – 5 years?

We hope to continue to source more sustainable and eco-friendly products and to continue to produce beautiful cruelty-free and sustainable handbags. There are now a number of leathers made being manufactured from fruits such as pineapples and apples and we are looking to explore the possibility of using more sustainable products for our future collections. 

Can the fashion industry change? What have been the biggest takeaways from starting and developing this brand in terms of the industry and its willingness or unwillingness to change?

The fashion industry is starting to move in the right direction and is conscious of the effect that the manufacturing of fashion products is having on the environment. There are so many brands now with a real focus on sustainability and protecting the earth and its animals and we are proud to be a brand added to that list!

What other brands do you see elegantly meshing fashion with purpose/kindness that you admire? 

Stella McCartney is a driving force for sustainable fashion and creates beautiful products she calls ‘alter leather’. There are so many great designers using beautiful faux furs. Large brands like Country Road are creating ‘green’ stores.

PETA has approved you which is a huge tick of approval, what was the biggest challenge to starting an ethical fashion label?

The biggest challenge has been sourcing the right products and manufacturer and convincing customers that you can create beautiful luxe handbags that are made from vegan and not real leather, which are still as durable and beautiful as their leather counterparts.

Do you have any additional lines or products in the works that we should know about?

We are currently designing new handbags for our next collection. We may look at including small leather goods in the future and perhaps even a shoe collection but we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves! 

If you could choose anyone to wear or be an ambassador for the brand it would be?

Jennifer Lopez because she is a beautiful vegan woman who loves to stand out wearing feminine and colourful designs! Plus, she is an amazing hard-working businesswoman! 

Favourite quote that you think of or love in terms of ethics when creating? 


Who should we interview next?

@Sachacamilli author of book Vegan Style and lover of her very own Equity Vverde bag in pewter which she wears all over the UK! 

Ladies, thank you so much for sharing your story and brand with us here at LGV. I think these bags are going to be incredibly popular items here in Australia! Well done on placing ethics first whilst delivering a beautifully handcrafted product.

If you would like to go and shop the incredible range, visit the girls and the brand HERE.

You can also follow them on social media HERE.


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