Aldi Vegan Jerky for special buys

Aldi Vegan Jerky for special buys

Aldi Vegan Jerky for special buys

Vegan and the vegan-curious are in for a treat this weekend, with Aldi and their Special Buys promotion featuring a vegan heavy line up of products and deals. Not only are there some great products but as the name implies, the prices are great too 🙂

Over the weekend you will find the following products:

  • Flavoured Tuno Seafood Alternative: $1.69
  • Suncoast Gold Macadamia Milk: $2.99
  • So Good Unsweetened Cashew Milk: $2.99
  • Earth Grown Flavoured Textured Soy Protein: $3.49
  • The Jack Man Jackfruit Ready to Eat Meals: $3.99
  • Nourished Nutrition Vegan Meal Kit: $3.99
  • Oh So Natural Food Snack Bars: $3.99 (available in salted caramel, peanut and blueberry)
  • Earth Grown Vegan Jerky $4.9

In case you weren’t familiar with some of these products, we have featured them below for your viewing pleasure.

If you find any other deals or vegan products at Aldi be sure to let us know in the comments below or email us at today.

Vegan at Aldi


Nourished Nutrition Vegan Meal Kit 100g

Current Price $3.99

Vegan Jerky 70g

Current Price$4.99*

Flavoured Textured Soy Protein 200g

Current Price$3.49*

The Jack Man Jackfruit Ready To Eat Meals 350g

Current Price $3.99*

Flavoured Tuno Seafood Alternative 142g

Current Price $1.69*


So if you are heading to the shops this weekend, be sure to stop into your local Aldi Supermarket and check out all of these fantastic vegan deals available to you!

For more vegan product news, take a look at our products page here.


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