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Australian Bushfires: How to donate to wildlife in need

Australian Bushfires: How to donate to wildlife in need

Australian Bushfires: How to donate to wildlife in need.

2020 has not begun well for Australia and it’s animals.

As the world is now well aware, areas of Australia have been burning since November 2019 in the most devastating bushfire season this nation has ever experienced.  We are not even halfway through the Australian Summer and the fires are far from over.

We have researched and provided a list below of animal sanctuaries & organisations in fire-affected areas that are desperately needing public donations. Your donations will help provide the resources to rescue sick, orphaned, injured wildlife as well as to aid their rehabilitation.

Please take the time to look at the charities online and the tireless work they do, not just in recent months but on a daily basis. Their job never ends providing love, support and comfort for the animals.

For carers, there is no day off when you are looking after for sick, injured & helpless animals and in recent months, there’s no doubt they have been inundated with phone calls from the public finding injured wildlife.

Whilst looking after the fire affected wildlife,  they are still responsible for the care for animals they have taken in prior to the fires. Their resources will be stretched and we need to bring attention to the organisations who have not received enough funds in this difficult time.

Please dig deep.

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