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Baby Boomers try Vegan Hotdogs

Baby Boomers try Vegan Hotdogs

Baby Boomers try Vegan Hotdogs.


With Veganism becoming one of the hottest ‘trends’ (not our words but those of the media) for Gen Y, Z & millennial, its easy to forget all the other generations that are beginning to enjoy the vegan lifestyle thanks to its recent mainstream coverage.

In this video by Livekindly, baby boomers were asked to pick which of two hotdogs was a meat version and which was a vegan version. The catch? They were both vegan and seemingly delicious. The video took the couples through a selection of vegan sausages and meat and it was so funny to see the groups trying to pick up on which were animal meat and which were new vegan varieties of their favourite classics!

Take a look at what went on and see just how delicious vegan food can really be! We think it was a great result to see just how hard it now is to tell the difference between animal and plant-based meat!

What did you think of the video? Perhaps it’s something we could all try with our families next family get-together! Featured in the video was the plant-based meat of Beyond Meat 

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