Vegan Leather: Banana Leather

For those looking for eco-friendly & cruelty-free alternatives to traditional leather, we are now living in a wonderful time where anything is possible.

Not only is traditional leather cruel to animals but the tanning process uses a slew of chemicals which are extremely hazardous to the environment also.

So we need to look for nontoxic and cruelty-free alternatives to create such materials. A group of innovators from Micronesia have now come up with a solution, upcycling banana fibre to create an alternative material to traditional leather.

The group are Green Banana Paper and they are doing some incredible things! They use already discarded banana trees to harvest the banana fibre wastage that would be otherwise thrown out. They found that the material was water resistant & strong enough to create beautiful eco-friendly products such as there range of wallets (Started on Kickstarter originally).

The fibres are now sourced from a whole host of local farmers on the island of Kosrae providing work & incentives for the local community. Whats great about this brand is that they are truly immersed in this community, which is likely due to their founder Matt Simpson. Matt was originally a volunteer teacher on the island and eventually wished to export something that would help give back to the community.

He has certainly found it with Green Banana Paper and their sustainable wallets. To learn a little more about what they do and their fantastic sustainable processes check out the pictures and videos below. There’s even one of four-legged office helper Bradda too!

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