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Ben & Jerry’s launch Netflix & Chilld Vegan Icecream

Ben & Jerry’s launch Netflix & Chilld Vegan Icecream

Ben & Jerry’s launch Netflix & Chilld Vegan Icecream.

Ben & Jerry’s the ice cream aficionados have just released a brand new flavour and damn it looks good! Netflix & Chill’d is the latest from the ice cream brand and features Peanut Butter Non-Dairy Frozen desserts with Sweet & Salty Pretzel Swirls & Fudge Brownies! How good does that sound?

Ben & Jerry’s describe it in the following:

There’s something for everyone to watch on Netflix & flavors for everyone to enjoy from Ben & Jerry’s, so we’ve teamed up to bring you a chillaxing new creation that’s certain to satisfy any sweet or salty snack craving. It’s a flavorful world, and everyone is invited to grab a spoon.

Not sure about you, but we’re sold! The new range will be released internationally and down under so look out for it in supermarkets soon.

To see more products just like this available in supermarkets, be sure to take a look at our supermarket shopping section here. Otherwise, if you are looking for more ice cream recommendations then be sure to take a browse of our article featuring ‘That Vegan Dad’ HERE, where he reviews a whole host of vegan ice creams available here in Australia.

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