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Best Oat Milk in Australia as voted by you!

Best Oat Milk in Australia as voted by you!

Well, the tribe has spoken and we have put together a list of the best oat milk in Australia as voted by the community! We want to thank everyone who voted, commented, and left suggestions via our Instagram Page!

Now let’s take a good hard look at the best milk on the market and what makes them so great!

So Good Barista Oat

So Good has worked with Australian baristas and cafe owners to develop the ideal oat milk for coffee, allowing you to make cafe-quality coffee in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Available at Woolworths for $4.00

Califia Oat Barista Blend

If you thought nothing could beat the taste and texture of dairy milk in your espresso drinks, think again. This naturally rich and creamy oat milk whips up frothy, full-bodied lattes with a delicate, malty taste that makes cow milk irrelevant.

  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Carrageenan Free
  • No Gums or Stabilizers
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan
  • Kosher

Available at selected Woolworths and ipantry!


Chobani Oat Plain Barista Edition

Made with baristas in mind, Chobani set out to create the ultimate oat drink that tastes amazing, is super versatile, and leaves you with one heck of a good-looking coffee.

They put extra care and time into the process; taking whole organic oats and crafting each batch individually. The result? Richer, creamier coffees that not only taste amazing but look amazing too.

Available at selected Woolworths & Aldi’s across Australia!



Vitasoy Oat Milk Cafe 

Vitasoy Café for Baristas oat milk has been specially formulated to deliver a perfect plant-based coffee. Made from 100% Australian-grown whole oats, it has a mild and balanced flavour that lets the beans speak for themselves.

Available at selected Coles Supermarkets around Australia

Minor Figures Oat M*LK

Here’s what they had to say about their oat milk:

“From our background in specialty coffee, we have developed an Oat Milk for professionals. Our goal is not to compromise the fidelity of your coffee in the cup. Add to any roast profile or origin, and experience the truest characteristics of your espresso shot, while adding natural sweetness, density, balance, and silky micro-foam when steamed.”

Available at Amazon, Coles & Ipantry!


The Alternative Dairy Co’s Barista Oat Milk

Made with Australian oats from our friends at Blue Lake Milling in the Riverina. It’s dairy’s doppelganger, delivering a creamy cup. It surprises and delights!

Available at Coles Supermarkets around Australia.


Oatly Organic Oat Milk

It’s all in the oats. 100% organic oats that are grown in clean soil and spend the summer getting rained on to grow strong. It’s vegan approved, contains no added sugar whatsoever and is full of that big scientific word betaglucans* which are great for your heart.

Available at independent stores and selected Coles & Woolworths around Australia.


Oatly Barista Edition

The cream of the crop! Voted by so many in our community as the best possible oat milk on the markets we have to say we don’t disagree! This product is incredible with coffee and almost everything else.

If you want the best in class then it has to be the Oatly Barista Edition plant-based milk.


Final Thoughts


We hope you found this list of community-voted oat milk helpful. Look out for more lists to come covering soy, almond, rice & coconut in the very near future.

If you would like to explore more vegan products on the market like these then be sure to check out our Products Page here for more.


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