Best Soy Milk in Australia as voted by you!

Best Soy Milk in Australia as voted by you!

Without a doubt, the O.G of the plant-based milk world is soy milk. Soy milk has been around for years and has only gotten better as new brands, production techniques, and varieties have evolved and hit the Australian market.

Last week we put out a post on our social media channels asking you the LGV community which soy milk reigns supreme and these are the results below.

As always if you have a comment or thought be sure to leave it below or check out the original Instagram post HERE.



Here’s what Milklab had to say about it:

We’ve spent countless hours blending and testing the perfect soy milk for coffee. Our unique recipe brings you not only a milk that complements the intensity of espresso but also textures and stretches with any coffee type.

Aldi Home Brand Soy Milk


What Aldi say about their milk:

Our organic soy milk is lactose free, gluten free and preservative free. It is also contains no artificial colours or flavours.

RRP: $1.49AUD


Pure Harvest Soy Milk


What they had to say about their milk:

Nature’s Soy Original Organic Milk is made with whole soya beans and not protein isolates. As an isolate is not a whole food, we refuse to use it. Instead, we derive the goodness which goes into our soy milk from the whole bean.

At Pureharvest we pride ourselves on using only natural ingredients, free from artificial additives and pesticides. Nature’s Soy Original Organic Milk is ideal for people with gluten or dairy intolerances – use it on breakfast cereal, in cooking and as an alternative to dairy milk. All our products are carrageenan free.

Alternative Dairy Co – Barista Soy


Here’s what they had to say about their barista soy milk:

Three decades of soy milk experience, perfected for cafe. Backed by the pioneers of plant-based milks in Australia, we took a decades-old recipe and perfected it for cafe with our Soy Milk. It works with a variety of blends for a balanced cup without the beany aftertaste.

Woolworths Brand Soy Milk


Here’s what Woolworths had to say about their home brand soy milk:

Naturally free of Lactose and Gluten it’s a delicious alternative to traditional dairy.

RRP:  $1.15AUD

Vitasoy Soy Milky

What Vitasoy say about Soy Milky:

Made from Australian grown non-GM whole soybeans, Vitasoy Soy Milky Regular is brimming with the good stuff — like a third of your daily calcium needs in every serving. It’s also a natural source of protein.

Happy Happy Soy Boy

Happy Happy Soy Boy whilst not the highest voted soy milk in our voting seemed to have the most passionate voters and loyal fans!

Happily Made from Plants🌱
Nutritionally Happier😁
Environmentally Happier🌏

So Good Range of Soy Milk

Here’s what So Good had to say about their regular range of soy milks:

So Good™ Regular soy milk is a nutritious and delicious creamy milk made from soy. With protein and essential minerals, it’s naturally lactose and cholesterol free. And with the added benefit of half your daily calcium and vitamin D in one glass, So Good™ Regular may be the milk for your body and your life. Available in the Long Life Milk section of your supermarket and also available chilled in selected stores.

And now the moment you have all been for….the number one!


Here’s What Bonsoy had to say about their product:

Baristas and coffee lovers know that Bonsoy is frothable like no other. Not everyone can handle the heat. Fact: Bonsoy won’t change its flavour profile when heated. it’s the perfect canvas for latte art and creamy coffee because it stretches further.

Final Thoughts

A lot of passion went into the voting for this one, and you all had really great feedback on all of the above entrants. We think the rightful winner in Bonsoy won out but we are just one humble opinion, you all are the true taste testers. So if you want to leave your thoughts on soy, be sure to comment on the original post HERE.

Next up is Almond Milk!


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  1. Sophie
    November 19, 2021 at 3:01 am

    It’s a huge disappointment when you research who actually owns these soy milk companies, not surprisingly owned by private equity firms and Seventh-day Adventist Churches i.e.
    So Good Soy Milk is owned by Sanitarium, Sanitarium is owned by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, wtf. I don’t want to give my money to multi-billionaires, and I’m sure everyone else feels the same. Where are the small farmers, small businesses, I’d happily drive to pick the soy milk up weekly, by the truckload if I could haha 🙂 Plus Bonsoy is tasty, but once you learn that they were very aware that they had deadly levels (50x) of iodine in their soy, is absolutely abhorrent, they should be locked up. Peace.