Review of Nourish Awards – Best Vegan Accessories

Review of Nourish Awards – Best Vegan Accessories

Best Vegan Accessories.

With the Nourish Vegan Awards currently open for voting and taking place this month, we thought we would take a look at some of the categories and brands involved.

The first category that we have chosen to look at is Vegan Accessories.

The category for this focussed on fashionable & ethical vegan brands who are killing it in this new and emerging market. What they are not killing, however, is animals, and for that, we couldn’t be happier.

Let’s take a look at a few of the brands that have made the cut.

Ahimsa Collection

Ahimsa Collection is an ethical and sustainable accessories label. Their products are sustainably made from Pineapple leaves and recycled plastic making them a stylish alternative to the cruel leather industry.

Taken from their website, here is a little more about this great local brand:

Ahimsa Collective was founded in 2017 by passionate and determined change agents, adamant to prove that Sustainability and Luxury-goods can co-exist.

Their mission is to disrupt the Carry-goods Industry, providing a sustainable alternative to the Leather and PU accessories.

See the whole Ahimsa Collective range HERE.


Matt & Nat

MATT & NAT is a vegan line designed in Montreal, Canada, and was formed in 1995. Their linings are always made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles!


Merry People

Founded by Danielle Holloway in 2014, Merry People are an Australian rainwear label making fun waterproof products that enable people to get outside and do the things they love whatever the weather. 



Peta + Jain

Peta + Jain is a fashion-forward handbag and accessories brand. Designed in Sydney, Australia their range is available at all leading boutiques and online retailers.

The brand is PETA certified, which always brings a big smile to our face, knowing the scrutiny needed to get the badge approval.


Poppy Lissiman

Poppy Lissiman is an Australian designer who launched her own label in 2008. Her designs are all handmade, high quality, eye-catching and always aiming to be left of centre. All Poppy’s handbag and wallet accessories are proudly made using only vegan (or faux leather) products, they are also all cruelty-free with no animal parts used at all.


Sans Beast

Sans Beast (meaning Sans =  without Beast = animal) is a PETA Approved Australian label.

Designed with love and not animals,  this Melbourne born brand meshes style with ethics beautifully.

We have written on them before and you can read more here.


Time IV Change

Time IV Change is a PETA Approved watch brand that is another example of combining ethics and style seamlessly.

Here’s a little more about this great brand:

Time IV Change is a Melbourne based cruelty free vegan watch brand that focuses on providing people with a simple yet timeless collection of watches that are not only visually appealing, but are also made with the least amount of damage to our planet and all those on it.

We provide people with an alternative to traditional leather by producing watches and watch bands that do not contribute to the unnecessary use and exploitation of animals and the earth.

Our watches are made from recycled aluminium as opposed to stainless steel which uses 95% more energy to create than recycled aluminium does.

Our bands are made from recycled plastic bottles and materials as well as bring the first in the world to use Pinatex (made from Pineapple leaves) to make watch bands out of.

As a way of giving back to people who work hard to spread the message of a world filled with compassion over cruelty, we donate 10% of the profits from every band sold to one of the nine organisations we work with.



More than just shoes, Twoobs are all about female empowerment, animal welfare + the environment, and inclusivity.  Last year they even announced The TWO Grant, where they offer other awesome female entrepreneurs grants of up to $15000 alongside mentorship from the founding sisters.


Urban Originals

All of Urban Originals’ vegan bags are cruelty-free, ethically sourced, and made from eco-conscious fabrics.  The brand is PETA approved and we have even chatted exclusively with their founder too! Read the full interview here.

Here’s a little more about the brand:

We always use Eco Friendly Materials and Premium Vegan Leathers. Our products are low chemical end reach eco standards which means we reduce our footprint on our world. We have also made a commitment to being cruelty free. No animals were hurt in making our bags..

Final Thoughts

So how good are some of our homegrown vegan brands?! This is an amazing list of businesses all doing a wonderful job of combining commerce and compassion!

If you still want to vote, be sure to visit the awards page here.

For more vegan fashion and brands, visit our fashion section here.


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