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Best Vegan on the Sunshine Coast by Conscious Jo Jo

Best Vegan on the Sunshine Coast by Conscious Jo Jo

Best Vegan on the Sunshine Coast by Conscious Jo Jo


Conscious Jo Jo is a vegan foodie who resides on the beautiful Sunshine Coast here in Australia.

After following her journey on her wonderful Instagram Page, we wanted to pick her brain on the best spots to eat vegan on the Sunshine Coast.

We also found out a little about her journey towards a kinder way of life. Enjoy the chat and the recommendations below.



How long have you been vegan & what inspired that journey?

I’ve been vegan for a little over 3 years now originally inspired by my sister who had just made the change. It really opened my eyes to the lifestyle I was currently living and I wanted to change that to help the animals.

What is your favourite vegan product?

I’d say favourite vegan product is Love Raws milk choc wafer bars, if I ever have any in the house I just have to eat them straight away, can’t resist.

What are some tips you have for people wanting to transition into a vegan lifestyle?

As far as tips I’d definitely start with small steps if you’re someone who is very dependent on animal products, like swapping out you milk for oat milk or sausages for vegan sausages just to get used to it. Substituting for your favourite foods is a great easy way to go about it as you don’t have to create new meals just reinvent things you already love.

What is your signature vegan dish?

Signature dish I’m not sure if this fully counts but white choc macadamia cookies. I made these for my work friends so many times they became my specialty.


The Sunshine Coast Recommendations


Cafe Vie

Probably the most well-known and loved vegan cafe on the Sunshine Coast, the absolute best brunch options you will ever come across, it’s also essential to get a burger while you’re there, great coffees and milkshakes.



When you’re craving something a little more wholesome Nurcha is the place to be, half cafe half groceries(all vegan) it has all you need, definitely recommend the breaky bagel and the coffee frappe.


Charlie’s Raw Squeeze

A lovely little morning stop if you’re needing some fruity goodness, from pancakes to avo on toast and some very impressive smoothie bowls this little shop is very well priced and good for on the go.



Holy moly the best vegan Italian food I’ve ever had, a whole vegan menu including carbonara, seafood pasta, cannoli and my personal favourite pepperoni pizza, I’ve never seen an Italian restaurant with this many vegan options, specialising in big homey meals.


Holy Taco

A lovely casual taco joint in Caloundra with a small but delicious menu of tacos, churros, and particularly yummy homemade drinks, great to get after the beach or for an easy dinner.


Final Thoughts

So who’s ready to hit the Sunshine Coast with us! Wow, thank you so much Jo Jo for sharing these amazing recommendations, the food looks amazing!

Do you have a Sunshine Coast recommendation you think needs to be added to the list? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

To see more of Jo Jo’s vegan journey, be sure to follow her here.


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