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Bickford’s launch a range of Plant Based Milks

Bickford’s launch a range of Plant Based Milks

Bickford’s launch Plant Based Milks.


This week we saw the launch of yet another plant-based milk range, this time from the team at Bickford’s. What is so great to see is that the launch isn’t just a small item to complement another range, but instead a whole suite of plant-based varieties. From the first look, the range looks really good and if Bickford’s history is anything to go by, we know it’s going to be delicious.

What’s exciting about the range is that they have Australia’s first pistachio vegan-friendly milk entering supermarkets across the country, as part of the roll-out of a Premium Plant Milk range.

The demand for milk alternatives in Australia has sky-rocketed with sales of dairy alternatives growing 48 per cent to 132 million litres in the past four years.

Bickford’s Premium Plant Milk has been created using world-class technology with vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians in mind. To coincide with the launch, professional surfer and Vegan, Nikki Van Dijk is helping Aussies discover ways to use plant milk, having lived a vegan lifestyle for eight years.

“I’m proud to work with an Australian company that is innovating their offerings to cater for different diets and challenge Australians to discover new ways to consume plant milks. “Like me, so many Australians are starting to make the switch, but for those wanting to incorporate more plant-based products into their diet there’s a common misconception that we are limited in our choices, however, the possibilities are endless with this new range.

“I mix things up and use macadamia milk in my morning coffee, add the pistachio or oat milk to my cereal and use cashew milk for snacks and vegan desserts!”

  • Nikki Van Dijk

Crafted right here in Australia from 90% local ingredients using world-class technology, the new vegan-friendly range includes a diverse collection of both established and emerging varieties of Almond, Oat, Cashew, Macadamia and Pistachio.

“As we become more focused on the health of ourselves and the planet, we’re responding to demand with Bickford’s Premium Plant Milk, which is the result of extensive product development combined with Australian innovation,” says Bickford’s Group Sales and Marketing Manager, Chris Illman.

“It’s been a complex, but exciting process working out how best to extract the goodness from the various nuts and oat and bottle it for freshness. Not only are our Premium Plant Milks a tasty option, they are available to customers nationally, so every Australian can make an informed choice based on their dietary preference; one that doesn’t compromise on quality,” continues Chris.

With no artificial sweeteners or GMOs, each product has been extensively tested for multiple uses, ensuring the milk range performs like fresh milk and can be enjoyed hot or cold,” concluded Chris Illman.Bickford’s


Premium Plant Milk range, available from local independent retailers nationally with an RRP $6.00.

So what do you think of Bickford’s Plant Based Milks? To see more vegan supermarket products like them you can visit our supermarket shopping page HERE  for more new products hitting the shelves.


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