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BioCheese drop even more products into Woolworths

BioCheese drop even more products into Woolworths

The BioCheese range is growing again, and we couldn’t be happier. Not only do they continue to roll out wonderful new products, but they are also now stocked extensively in the major supermarkets making it even easier to make kinder food choices!

For those who don’t already know the brand, they make amazing cheeses and are stocked in both Coles and Woolworths here in Australia.

The gang already have a whole host of products in Woolworths including:

Cheese Cheddar & Crackers, Original Block, Haloumi, Shredded Cheddar, Chedder Slices & more. Now they have released two new beauties into the fold in the form of  Parmesano & Tzatziki! (Who’s excited?)


What did BioCheese have to say?


“Since we launched our first product some six years ago now, we have seen a convergence – the world is greening. Australians, in particular, are consuming more consciously than they ever have before, be it for their health, the environment, or for animal welfare,” said Vicky Pappas, MyCo CEO.

“These new products don’t compromise on flavour, texture or cooking experience. They uphold MyLife’s commitment to tasty and authentic plant-based food”.


Let’s take a look at them.




Authentic-tasting dairy-free Parmesano has that unique hard, gritty texture all-the-while being sharp, fruity and nutty in taste. This Italian gem is perfect for shaving or grating on top of pizzas or pastas or through risottos and soups.

Nothing goes better with a warm salad than the sharp taste of our Grated Parmesano! With fruity tones from cranberries and pear, sweet notes from candied pecans and the tang of rocket – this salad is sure to become your next staple.

Find the recipe via…/easy-biocheese-parmesano… 
SWAP: Traditional Parmesan for our Grated Parmesano, to make this meal completely plant-based. Now available at your local @woolworths_au




This creamy, zingy, plant-based number is the perfect addition to any savoury meal. With origins in Greek cuisine, this “dip” has quickly become an internationally recognised kitchen staple. Spread it on crackers, wraps or serve alongside grilled vegetables to lift your meal.

We know how much everyone has been missing this Greek staple, and today, we’re channeling our Greek energy with these easy pita pockets! BioTzatziki is the perfect dairy-free, creamy and zingy addition to any savoury meal. Shop it today at @woolworths_au now!

To see the recipe, click here

SWAP: Traditional tzatziki for our 100% dairy-free BioTzatziki, to make this completely plant-based!

Final Thoughts


So what are you waiting for? Jump in-store or Online HERE and grab yourself some BioCheese today!

To discover even more amazing vegan products hitting the supermarket aisles in Australia, be sure to visit our supermarket section here.

Until next time.


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