Blundstone now have vegan boots in Australia

Blundstone now have vegan boots in Australia

Blundstone now have vegan boots in Australia

We, vegans, don’t like to miss out, and over the last few years, its something we have had to do less and less as brands have discovered just how powerful the vegan market is becoming (#thefutureisvegan).

Whilst food outlets have led the way, we are now seeing fashion and clothing brands following suit, with more and more vegan options being rolled out in varying categories.

Enter the classic Australian bootmaker Blundstone, who now for the first time in history has now unveiled two new vegan style boots crafted with what they say are the best vegan materials available.

The black #2115 and the brown #2116 debut Blundstone styles are a direct response to the growing demand for alternatives from a large and far-reaching global vegan community, and we couldn’t be happier!


So what do we know about these new vegan boots?


• Every component of the boots has been rigorously tested and certified by Eurofins | Chem-MAP, a market leader in independent testing as part of their Vegan Verification programme.

• Upper material is on Micro® water-resistant vegan microfibre.

• Lining is onSteam® 100% breathable microfibre with antibacterial and antimicrobial features with complete dryness.

• Certified vegan removable Comfort Lite Footbed and made with anti compression materials to provide long-term support.

• An ergonomically engineered toe spring combined with vegan XRD® Technology in the heel, further reduces wearer fatigue while increasing comfort.


Here is what the team had to say


Quote from Blundstone Joint CEO, Adam Blake:

“As a business we wouldn’t be here today if we had stood still—if we hadn’t continued to adapt, innovate and change, in response to our community.” “Our new vegan styles allow us to remain true to our brand mission of enabling people to walk their own path. For over 150 years, we’ve built a legacy of creating boots for a wide range of wearers, and these new styles allow us to serve a growing segment of Blundstone lovers. They’re unmistakably Blundstone, with all the hallmarks of our DNA—commitment to quality, understated style and all-day comfort.”

Quote from Blundstone designer, Joe Carfora:

“We’re a brand with a long and proud heritage of boot manufacturing and exploring new materials and techniques. The vegan community is large and far-reaching, and we would be remiss not to deliver products for this community as a brand that prides itself on inclusivity.” “We are a consumer-led brand, so it’s vital to listen to the people who wear our boots.”

Quotes from Head of Eurofins | Chem-MAP – Vegan Verification programme, Georgina Mawer:

“The Vegan Verification programme offers assurance to the marketplace that the product being purchased can be classified as vegan.” “Awarding Blundstone with the Vegan Verification Mark and Certification for their vegan footwear range gives the market a clear message about their commitment to validation of their vegan product claims.”


Final Thoughts

What a fantastic initiative to see a heritage brand known for its use of animal leather to release and endorse a vegan version of the classic Chelsea boot. We are thrilled to see brands like this give more and more options to those who want to shop in an ethical and sustainable fashion.

If you agree or have purchased a pair, be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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