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Bob Katter ‘reckons’ it’s un-Australian to eat a vegan pie, we disagree.

Bob Katter ‘reckons’ it’s un-Australian to eat a vegan pie, we disagree.

Bob Katter is an Australian politician, known for his polarising opinions and even at times, mad outbursts. After learning of the news that Four N Twenty will be releasing a vegan pie, he posted a Facebook video expressing how he felt about the pie. What is funny to note is that he references going to the footy and having a beer or a coke with a meat pie. We agree this is a very Australian thing to do, and aside from the use of animal products in the pie, we don’t oppose this at all. What is funny however is the level of discomfort he feels when talking about the pie being ‘vegan’. The reason it’s so funny is that most people have no idea exactly what goes into a traditional Four N Twenty meat pie. We think if people actually knew the ingredients (and in case you are eating we won’t tell you) they would be reaching for the vegan pie over the so-called ‘meat’ pie in a heartbeat.

Bob, we agree that a pie at the footy with a cold drink is as Aussie as it gets, and now thankfully that experience can be had without the needless suffering of our beautiful animals.

What a time to be alive, ah Bob!

Now whilst Bob Katter thinks it’s un-Australian to eat a vegan pie we couldn’t disagree more! The future down under is looking more and more plant-based and we couldn’t be happier. If you would like to find out about more brands and products choosing plant-based options, be sure to take a look at our Vegan Eats section here for more.

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