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Can you make tofu taste good? The answer is absolutely yes!

Can you make tofu taste good? The answer is absolutely yes!

Can you make tofu taste good?


It’s the question that the meat-eaters are prone to ask a vegan or vegetarian, can you make tofu taste good? honestly?

Well, we are pleased to say that the answer is a resounding YES! Not only is the answer yes, but we have the evidence to prove it thanks to the help of a number of incredible cooks and contributors. Below you will see just how easy it is to cook, create, and eat delicious tofu dishes.


Tofu is one of our favourite ingredients to use. It used to have a bad reputation as bland and “too vegan”, but things are starting to change significantly as people realise how delicious it can be.

It can be transformed into so many different dishes; sweet, savoury, crispy, creamy – the possibilities are endless!

These are 5 of our favourite, savoury tofu recipes. They’re all so different, there’s bound to be one you love! Even if you think you hate tofu… 👀

  • BOSH!




How to Cook Tofu! Our four go-to ways to prepare tofu: baked, sautéed, fried, and scrambled. Perfect for a variety of meals. YUM!

Full tutorial:

  • Pinch of Yum




Get the recipe: How to make tofu firmer, more flavourful and more ‘meaty’.

  • The Easy Vegan


Tofu is SO misunderstood so I hope to give you some different ideas on how you can use tofu. This video goes through the different types of tofu and how to use each kind of tofu in different ways, my favourite way of cooking tofu and making it flavourful, what happens when you freeze tofu (my new favourite way of flavouring tofu!) and more. BLOG POST –…

Can you make tofu taste good?

So now that you have the tools to make tofu taste good, we hope you will use it in your next amazing dish! If you would like more tofu ideas, check out our TOFU section here.


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