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Change is never easy  – Joey Carbstong chats to ex – dairy farmers

Change is never easy  – Joey Carbstong chats to ex – dairy farmers

Change is never easy  – Joey Carbstong chat to ex-dairy farmers.

As we move into an era whereby vegan and plant-based living becomes more and more mainstream, there are many who find the transition difficult not just to accept but to understand.  For many who have been eating and consuming and even advocating for meat and dairy their whole lives, they understandably want to hold on to their views that these products are simply a ‘way of life’ and are ‘the way we have always done it’.

This shift towards a new way of living forces people to feel judged, scrutinized and questioned and all of these emotions cause our human nature to defend at all costs. That is why it is so important to have a range of different advocation styles. In the video below we see Joey Carbstrong discuss the dairy industry with ex-dairy farmers. Its clear from the video that this is the first time they have possibly been forced to answer questions about their life’s work and methods and it clearly makes them want to defend it.

It really looks as if they are shocked to hear his point of view on the treatment of animals and that years of conditioning make it difficult for them to empathize with his point of view.

This video really raises the point that advocacy and education must be done in a respectful and appropriate manner in order to engage everyone in the conversation. We personally love Joey’s method which is respectful yet firm on his position and line of questioning.

As we continue to try and change the world for the better, we need to remember that we are trying to shift views that have been held for hundreds of years by cultures and people around the world.

It’s no easy task, but it’s a task we are obligated to do.

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