Chefgood Vegan Meals – Review

Chefgood Vegan Meals – Review

Chefgood Vegan Meals – Review.

Vegan cooking isn’t hard, but let’s be honest consistently cooking a good hearty meal and finding the time to cook well can be tough. That is why when given a chance, we would much rather have a chef cook our meals than cooking them ourselves! So when Chefgood offered to send us their new Vegan Range to try, we certainly had very little objection to the idea. We were thrilled to road test the range and have a week off from cooking.

We selected the Slim & Trim 5 days of Lunch & Dinner pack!

Yep, we wanted to try the healthy and conscientious range, and we can say we weren’t disappointed. The meals were filling, delicious and we were happy to know healthy too. What we liked was the freshness of the meals even though they come pre-packaged.

With companies like F45 & Vision Training already trusting the team at Chefgood, we had a feeling we were in pretty good hands.

Here’s a look at the meals we selected and what we thought of them throughout the week of ‘easy eating’.

Our Review


The meals were both tasty & filling. The meals were easy, throw in the microwave and the wait was only a few minutes! For anyone who needs help staying on track with healthy eating and doesn’t have the time to prepare meals (who isn’t time-poor these days?!), Chefgood would be a fantastic solution for you.

Our top pick of the bunch would have to be The Red Tofu Curry & Rice + The Shephards Pie.

What we also liked was the ability to mix and match each week based on what you are enjoying and feel like, we think this is great and would keep it interesting on an ongoing basis.

Here’s a look at some of the food and below is a breakdown of the various meals we tried over the 5 days.

Here are the meals we tried


Red Tofu Curry & Brown Rice


Middle Eastern Lentil Stew


Crushed Chickpea Vegan Wrap

Lemon & Ginger Tofu Stir-Fry


Thai Roast Pumpkin & Sweet Potato


Vegetarian Shephards Pie


Miso Glazed Sweet Potato with Japenese Fried Rice

If you are in need of some healthy, convenient, and obviously delicious vegan, then check out the Chefgood range today! You won’t be disappointed.

Want to see more vegan food? Check out our food section here.

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