Chefs are warming to the Vegan Movement

For some chefs, the word vegan is one of nausea-inducing facepalming.

To them, modifying traditional meals or having to change ingredients goes against all that they love when it comes to cooking. But in recent times, for many chefs, things have started to shift. Many chefs are starting to come around to the changing tastes of the global consumer, tastes such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and many other new dietary requirements or beliefs.

In 2018 according to Foodable Labs, 51% of chefs added a vegan item to their menus. Whilst this statistic may be a difficult one to verify, there’s certainly no shortage of new vegan dishes being added to menus around the world.

In the UK, the two titans of popular recipes and restaurants Jamie Oliver & Gordon Ramsey are both scrambling to add vegan recipes, dishes & menus into their extensive collections.

Many attribute the rise in veganism or plant-based eating to social media influencers and the raft of new documentaries and shows focussed on exposing the meat and dairy industries. Celebrities, influencers and athltetes are all those among the new wave of vegan or plant based advocates.

Due to this rise not only are we seeing vegan dishes being added, but the number of dairy and meat free alternatives in supermarkets and stores is skyrocketing too. Brands such as Beyond Meat & Impossible are leading the way in the meat alternative revolution taking place right in front of our eyes.

Consumers who would have once scoffed at the idea of eating vegan or plant-based whole foods are now considering these products as a way to better represent their values of helping the animals, the planet & their health.

The times they are a changing.



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