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Coconut Bowls team up with Plant Proof

Coconut Bowls team up with Plant Proof

Coconut Bowls team up with Plant Proof.

Here at Let’s Go Vegan, we are big fans of Coconut Bowls and the amazing products they create. Whilst they may look like a simple product, they are in fact an incredibly sustainable way to reuse the shells of discarded coconuts that would otherwise be burnt or littered through rural towns in South East Asia. Coconut Bowls repurpose and therefore rehome these shells, and turn them into beautiful products for us all to use.

The team has recently teamed up with a fantastic plant-based ambassador in Simon Hill aka Plant Proof. If you haven’t heard of Simon, you need to go and check out his insightful podcast, where he interviews some of the brightest minds in nutrition, education, science, and lifestyle around plant-based living. He also shares a wealth of helpful information on his Instagram account too.

When we saw this collaboration we were thrilled, a great brand and a great ambassador. Check out the range below & click on the link HERE to visit the store.


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