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DeBortoli launch a vegan friendly wine range called 17 Trees

DeBortoli launch a vegan friendly wine range called 17 Trees

Going without animal products should not come at the cost of being able to enjoy good wine! With that in mind, we are thrilled to see that family winemaker DeBortoli has recently released not only a zero-waste and sustainable range of wines but a range that is 100% vegan friendly too!
(The only thing cruel might be the hangover!)



The 17 TREES launch has seen De Bortoli partner with not-for-profit organisation Trillion Trees to plant native trees for a sustainable future. In a hope to rebuild the Australian bushland lost during the 2019-2020 bushfire season, every 6 bottles of 17 TREES sold will go towards planting 1 tree in Australia (This is awesome!)

The 17 TREES range which includes a Shiraz, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay (export only), demonstrate it is possible to do good whilst not compromising on taste.

So wine lovers can now take comfort in the knowledge that pouring a glass of 17 TREES will contribute to a shared commitment to work towards a greener Australia. We’ll drink to that!



Why the name 17 TREES?


One of De Bortoli’s first sustainability projects in 2008 was to plant 17 trees for each company vehicle to offset the carbon effects of our fleet. The company are working toward becoming a complete zero-waste wine company through various initiatives and partnerships.


Eco Wine


DeBortoli has been widely recognised for its quest to become a Zero Waste Wine Company through wise water management, energy efficiencies, and improved waste management over the past 15 years, in addition to converting some vineyards to organic.

With a vision of a future where great wine and a healthy environment can be enjoyed by everyone, the 17 TREES range is packaged in lightweight recycled glass bottles, with labels produced from natural fibre-based pulp derived from sugar cane waste, and recycled packaging materials.



FAQ’s about Vegan-Friendly Wine

What makes 17 Trees wines vegan friendly?

No animal products were used when making the wine.

What’s the difference between vegan friendly and vegan certified?

Vegan Certified is defined as: no animal or animal by-products to include flesh, bones, dairy, eggs, honey, fur, leather, wool, down feathers and cosmetics or chemical products tested on animals.

Vegan friendly still adopts the above however is not registered by the vegan trademark.

Final Thoughts


If you are in the market for a vegan wine that doesn’t cost the earth (pardon the muli level pun) then defiantly check out the Debortoli range today!



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