Dominos are set to launch three new vegan pizzas this year

In more breaking ‘vegan option at traditional stores’ news, Dominos Australia has announced it will be the first pizza chain in Australia to launch plant-based pizza, which means now everyone can share in the joy of pizza.

The Company is adding a range of new pizzas, which will start with plant-based Beef & Onion, plant-based Beef Loaded Burger and plant-based Beef Taco Fiesta, damn Dominos!

Domino’s Australia and New Zealand CEO Nick Knight said Domino’s is committed to offering high-quality pizzas for great value that everyone can enjoy.

“Pizza is our passion and we want to ensure that everyone can share in the joy of pizza, regardless of their religious, ethical, dietary or lifestyle choices,” he said.

“Our existing Beef & Onion pizza is among our top five most popular pizzas nationally, and beef is our second highest selling topping – so we already know it’s a product our customers love.

“We set out to share this love by serving up a range of tasty plant-based pizzas that offers our customers more choice at no extra charge.

“I’m excited to share that after nine months of developing and testing, we’ve finally done it and we couldn’t be more proud with the result.”

Domino’s Global Development Chef Michael Treacy said Domino’s partnered with Australian companies to develop its plant-based ingredients exclusive to Domino’s.

“Developed and made right here in Brisbane, our plant-based ingredients were created especially for us and can’t be found anywhere else on the planet,” he said.

“We tried and tested hundreds of flavours and variations from around the world before settling on a plant-based ‘beef’ which has a similar taste and texture to our existing beef – with a rich, savoury flavour that’s mouth-wateringly good!

“Made from soy protein, our plant-based beef is free from artificial preservatives, flavours and colours, and is lower in saturated fat and higher in protein than its meat counterpart.

“We didn’t want to rush the process only to deliver a lesser quality product. So we challenged our partners to develop a product that not only tastes great, but that our customers won’t have to pay more for.

“Similar to our vegan cheese – which sold out within a matter of weeks upon launch – we expect our plant-based range to become a much-loved staple and a key part of our menu.

“To create more choice for our customers, we will be offering vegan, plant-based and meat versions of each of these three pizzas.”

The plant-based Beef & Onion, plant-based Beef Loaded Burger and plant-based Beef Taco Fiesta will be available in all Domino’s stores across Australia from September, with more tasty plant-based products in development.

So, Dominos anyone?


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