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Eden Brew will soon be making vegan ice cream

Eden Brew will soon be making vegan ice cream

Eden Brew will soon be making vegan ice cream.

Eden Brew makes animal-free dairy, that’s right high quality dairy-style products without the use of our four-legged friends in the paddocks. They are on a mission to create animal-free, precision-fermented milk the whole world can enjoy, sustainably (which is something we can certainly get behind).

As Eden Brew promotes through their marketing and website, protein demand will double by 2050 meaning we as a planet will continue to need new and innovative ways to feed the world. The good news is that the future of dairy does not need to involve the animals and can instead involve new scientific developments and ideas (what a time to be alive!).


What’s the product like?

The milk people love, without cows, while freeing up land for rewilding and carbon sequestration.

Utilising existing production and distribution facilities, ready to scale fast.

Milk, ice cream, cheese, yoghurt – most dairy products are possible.

The company have also been backed by some huge names including the CSIRO, Main Square Ventures & Digitalis.


So whats the story with their ice cream?

The company has just raised $5 million to scale its production and launch its ice cream.

Eden Brew has used science from the CSIRO to develop a fermentation process capable of producing all six proteins identical to cow’s milk in a lab environment.

Eden Brew’s ice cream is set to launch in late 2023 / 2024.

Watch this space for updates.

Otherwise, check out the Eden Brew website to learn more about this innovative and exciting company.


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