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Emma Hurst chats with Philip Wollen

Emma Hurst chats with Philip Wollen

Throughout the lockdown period, Emma Hurst has been hosting regular chats with important people in the animal activism community. Previous guests have included a billionaire investor, a prolific farmed animal adopter, and a Saudi prince (yes you read that right!).

In her most recent chat which was recorded a number of weeks ago, she chats with one of our heroes here at LGV and that is Philip Wollen.

Philip Wollen is a former high flying corporate executive (Formally President of CitiBank) turned philanthropist and vegan investor. His speech ‘why animals should be left off the menu’ is featured in our 7-day challenge recommendations. We also regularly recommended it to friends and colleagues to watch. His work, as you will hear is in trying to provide the most impact he can with the influence he has with his vehicle The Kindness Trust.

Talking with class and poise, we hope you will enjoy his chat with Emma Hurst MP in the video below. We have also included the aforementioned speech below and we encourage you to watch the full video.

Please leave your thoughts below, and if you would like to see more of these interviews be sure to follow Emma HERE as she does incredible work across politics and social media.


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