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Ever wanted to cook vegan fish and chips?

Ever wanted to cook vegan fish and chips?

Fish and Chips for many of us were a staple ‘take away’ option growing up or still to this day. But what if we want to enjoy the taste, texture, and flavour of fish and chips without the harm and damage that comes with fishing and the killing of sea life? Well, today we have Gaz Oakley’s take on fish and chips with his Vegan Fish and Chips 2.0 video. In this latest video, you will see the Gaz aka the Avant-Garde Vegan showcase his creation, and you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Enjoy the video and let’s see you cook vegan fish and chips!

If you do recreate this amazing dish, be sure to let us know and share your work! Email any of your recipes or videos to or share in the comments below.

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