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Five New Plant-Based Products Are Launching in Australia from Fry’s Family Food

Five New Plant-Based Products Are Launching in Australia from Fry’s Family Food

Popular plant-based food brand, Fry’s Family Food, has released five new delicious products to the Australian market and we couldn’t be more excited!

The products are all 100% plant-based, non-GMO, protein-packed, and flavour filled animal meat alternatives. The range includes: The Big Fry Boerie, Pea Protein Mince, Plant-Based Meatballs, Mini Chipolatas, and Breakfast Bangers.

We wanted to take a closer look at the range and see what they are all about. Take a look below.

The products

NEW Fry’s Plant-Based Big Fry Boerie Sausage

RRP $8.49

“Boo-e-rie” – a traditional South African Sausage – A big, juicy, barbecue sausage!

The new plant-based Big Fry Boerie looks, sizzles and tastes just like its meaty counterpart and is just as juicy. It is also very high in protein with a whopping 19G of plant protein per sausage, but it has none of the cholesterol found in meat. Like all Fry’s products, it is non-GM, 100% plant-based and low in saturated fat.

NEW Fry’s Plant-Based Pea Protein Mince

RRP $7.99

The new Pea Protein Mince from the Fry Family Food Co. is, like all other Fry’s products, 100% plant-based, made from non-GM ingredients and a blend of various plant proteins.  However, the new Mince is soy, onion and garlic free – and is the first product from Fry’s to be made from Pea Protein. It’s versatile and delicious, and great for tacos, burritos, spaghetti bolognese.


NEW Fry’s Plant-Based No-Meat Balls

RRP $8.49 

These no-meat balls are the perfect versatile pantry staple, a delicious addition in pasta, lunchboxes or served with hummus and veggies as a healthy snack.  Fry’s no-meat balls are 100% plant-based, made with a blend of non-GM plant proteins and various herbs and spices.


NEW Fry’s Plant-Based Mini Chipolatas

RRP $6.99

The Fry Family Food Co. have Chipolatas as part of their snacking range – a selection of 100% plant-based, non-GM and incredibly versatile products that make healthy snacking possible. These Chipolatas are fantastic for lunchboxes, picnics or even to dip into some hummus or guacamole around a BBQ


Breakfast Bangers

RRP $6.99

Fry’s are taking their sausage game to the next level, with the new Naturally Wood Smoked Breakfast Bangers. Made from nature’s plant proteins, Fry’s Breakfast Bangers have been wood smoked in our artisan wood smoker and seasoned with Fry’s secret spice blend providing a unique flavour experience.

Where to purchase

Fry’s Family Foods New Range is available in the freezer section at selected Independent supermarkets throughout Australia.

For more information on Fry’s Family Foods visit

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