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Flave Home Delivery Meal Review

Flave Home Delivery Meal Review

Flave Home Delivery Meal Review.

Flave is one of the new kids’ on the block in the plant-based meal delivery space. Whilst they may be the newcomers, that does not mean they are not coming in hot with some incredibly delicious meals and recipes.

We can say this because we were lucky enough to test drive the range and can honestly say it was a taste sensation! We wanted to give a special mention to the brownies which were out of this world! (You need to try them!)

The whole range was carefully crafted and felt like a genuine home-cooked meal every single time.

We would highly recommend them to anyone wanting a convenient plant-based option for their meals or someone looking to try plant-based for the first time as this will most definitely convert you!


So who are Flave and what do they do?


There offering is simple:

“Delivering a new dimension of the tastiest plant-based subscription meals weekly to your door”

Their range is now available now in major cities across NSW. ACT & VIC but check to make sure you are in their delivery zones.👇🏻 They deliver the freshest and tastiest 100% plant-based meals to your door every Friday!

Origin Story

The Founders

Experienced entrepreneurial husband and wife team Sam + Stu discovered a plant-based diet by chance. Sam was told to adopt a completely plant-based diet when she had to be airlifted to an ICU in Costa Rica during their honeymoon due to a bacteria infection! Stuart, her supportive meat-eating husband at the time, begrudgingly agreed and now the rest is history.

Their now business partner Jan was in the US for a month for work, but when all he could find to eat (that was healthy and plant-based presumably) was salad. Salad for breakfast, salad for lunch…you get it. On his plane ride home to Australia, he wrote a one-page business plan for what is now FLAVE.

Jan’s business group loved the idea and put him in touch with Stu. “Dominos does pizza. Nandos does chicken. FLAVE does plant-based. That’s what we see in the future,” says Jan of their venture.

The Chef

Scotty is their rockstar shirtless chef, trained by none other than Gordon Ramsay. After handling all that Gordon could dish out (no pun intended), Scotty became the private chef of vegan Sir Paul McCartney, and toured the world with Pink, Madonna, Beyonce, Elton John and tons of other celebs. He’s a true plant-based chef extraordinaire.

Together, they have formed Flave and are now setting out to disrupt the plant-based delivery space here in Australia.

Below is a review of just a few of their meals with vegan advocate Alexander Glover


Final Thoughts

We absolutely loved the meals and the team were incredibly nice and friendly to deal with (we think this says everything). We stand behind our recommendation and believe everyone will love the meals and offerings from Flave.

Ready to try for yourself?

Now if you are ready to try them out, the team are currently offering 20% off your first order using the code: letsgovegan

Start your order here!

Note: We DO NOT get any kickbacks from this code, it is simply a discount we are able to pass on to everyone in our community thanks to Flave 🙂

Happy Dining!


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