FodBods make vegan & low Fodmap bars!

FodBods make vegan & low Fodmap bars!

FodBods vegan & low Fodmap bars.

Are you in search of a healthy snack that’s vegan, and low fodmap friendly? If so then we may have just found a delicious solution!

After years of suffering from gut issues,  Melbourne-based founder of Fodbods, Vanessa was introduced to the low FODMAP diet which she says completely transformed her life.

After going through this experience firsthand she says she understands how debilitating gut issues can be for anyone going through it. Through the experience, she was inspired to help others make the same change and this eventually led to the birth of Fodbods.

Vanessa then set out to give people the freedom to enjoy life with delicious, healthy snacks that make them feel great! (We love that!)

The whole range of bars are 100% certified FODMAP friendly so they are suitable for everyone.

Below is the full list of what each bar provides:

  • Low Fodmap
  • All-natural
  • 100% vegan 🙂
  • gluten-free
  • Made in Australia
  • High in protein

Fodbods are also endorsed by Chloe Mcleod, a Dietitian, and founder of FODMAP Challenge.

Keen to try them?


If you are keen to try the range check out some of the awesome stockists around Australia at Fodbod’s ‘Store Locator‘ page.

If you own a store or business and would like to stock the range, be sure to drop Vanessa a line too at

Otherwise, look at for them at your local grocer or health food store!

If you enjoyed seeing the FodBods vegan & low Fodmap bars and want to see more amazing vegan products, check out our product page here.



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