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Fostering a dog during isolation

Fostering a dog during isolation

Fostering a dog during isolation.

Fostering a dog during isolation isn’t the craziest idea, is it? 

For us humans, it has been a crazy time in the world, and life as we know it (or knew it) has drastically changed. We are finding ourselves living very different lives, to the lives we lived only 6 months ago. For many of us, that means more time at home and more time on our hands to try and do new things. Many of us have chosen to watch more Netflix or even attempt a puzzle or two, but for some, it’s been a chance to…foster more dogs!

Yes, we discovered this beautiful story of a Florida based family who has chosen to dedicate more time to fostering and taking care of vulnerable dogs during the isolation period via an incredible animal website called The Dodo. We thought this was such a nice story that we just had to share it. We also thought it would be a great opportunity to highlight the vast amounts of animals who are in search of their ‘forever’ home and who need families (just like you) to open their hearts and homes to them.

Most people never think about the shelter dogs, and when they do look to ‘get’ a dog, simply look at breeders or even dreaded pet shops for their companions. We want people to realise that there are so many beautiful souls that are good with children, playful, loveable, and ready to meet you! Apprehension can be a big deterrent for people who believe that ‘shelter dogs’ come with baggage and are less reliable than a puppy you raise from a younger age. Whilst there are always casing where this is true, so many of these dogs are simply in the shelter through no fault of there own, very often an owner’s circumstance has changed and the dog is given up in the process (through no fault of their own).

So here is a beautiful story, of a beautiful family, doing a beautiful thing for these dogs in need. We also added in another of our favorites just below, which was of a guy who has rescued 10 dogs and decides that fostering a dog (just one more) is the best idea ever!


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