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Hug Tub Vegan Ice Cream launches in Australia

Hug Tub Vegan Ice Cream launches in Australia

Hug Tub Vegan Ice Cream launches in Australia


Hug Tub is a brand new oat milk ice cream traditional dairy ice cream maker, Gundowring Finest Ice Cream.

Based in the Victorian High Country, third-generation dairy farmers the Crooke family have been producing ice cream at their on-farm factory in Gundowring for almost 20 years. Gundowring’s famous Licorice ice cream is the current reigning Champion Ice Cream at the Australian Grand Dairy Awards.

Whilst we are not in the business of promoting dairy brands or companies we thought it was fantastic to see a traditional dairy provider in Australia dipping their toes into the plant-based space with a new and innovative product such as this.


So in 2020, driven by a desire to make their ice cream more inclusive and more available for more people, the expert ice cream makers embarked on a period of intensive research and development to find the best and creamiest plant-based alternative to cow’s milk.

Oat milk was the hands-down winner – and true to the Crookes’ ethos of sourcing ingredients as locally as possible they were pleased to find a nearby oat milk manufacturer in Baranduda, 20 minutes down the road.


“We understand that not everyone can or wants to consume dairy – but we don’t want people to miss out on having a quality ice cream experience,”

Explains Director, James Crooke .

“For us, ice cream is all about joy and comfort – from the very first spoonful, right through to the bottom of the tub.

And no matter your preferences, there should be great ice cream out there for everyone. Hug Tub fills the gap for vegans, lactose-intolerants, oat milk lovers… and people who just can’t get enough of great ice cream,” he says.


“Oat milk was the obvious choice for us, as oats have the creamiest properties of all of the plant-based milks,” Says Crooke.

Taking the Hug Tub ethos of joy and inclusivity one step further, the brand has also committed 10% of profits to the work of Minus18, a national charity working to improve the lives of LGBTQIA+ youth.

After a successful launch as part of the recent Melbourne Food and Wine Festival’s Convenient Store, Hug Tub is available in selected independent grocers and supermarkets in Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland starting this week.

The Hug Tub range currently comes in three classic flavours in 500ml and 110ml tubs:

● Vanilla and Brown Sugar

● Chocolate

● Strawberry



Hug Tub will be giving away 100 free samples  at the upcoming Mount Zero Warehouse Market – Saturday 30th April 9am-2pm at the Mount Zero Warehouse, 6 Law Court, Sunshine West, Victoria.


Final Thoughts

So why not get behind this new plant-based ice cream that only supports the LGBTQ community but is also showing a traditional dairy company the power of the plant-based movement here in Australia.

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