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Impossible Foods CEO chats to MarketWatch

Impossible Foods CEO chats to MarketWatch

Impossible Foods CEO chats to MarketWatch

In a recent chat with MarketWatch, CEO of Impossible Foods Patrick Brown chatted about the behemoth company he founded and their ambition to end the need to use animals for food production by 2035.

The team and company who produce plant-based meat products that completely replicate the traditional meats have now discovered that the one distinguishing molecules that can cause a plant or alternative protein to taste like meat is ‘heme’. Heme is the molocule that makes your blood red, and it can be reproduced to emulate the true flavour and texture of meat. Naturally, animal tissues have much higher heme content than plant tissues which means the team need to produce more heme to allow the product to compete with their traditional counterparts.

Brown and the teams’ audacious goal to replace animals as a food production technology function by 2035 is what drives the company to continue to grow quarter on quarter, with scale a major focus within the company.

We are huge fans of the Impossible Foods story and the goals that they are setting to truly change the world. We implore you to go and take a look at their range (not currently in Australia) and some of the incredible innovations they are working on.

You can watch the MarketWatch video at the link below:

If you would like to hear a little more from Patrick Brown you can take a look at a fascinating interview he did in late 2019 at the TechCrunch Disrupt event in San Fransisco as well as his time with Rich Roll on his Rich Roll Podcast.


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