Impossible Foods raise a further $500m in funding

The Impossible Food Company is a privately held company that produces plant-based alternatives to traditional meat products. The company has worked with Burger King in the States to produce the Impossible Whopper (similar to our local Rebel Whopper) and has had some high profile investors such as Bill Gates & Google. Having already had a number of earlier investment rounds, the company has now raised a further $500m in funding, taking them to a total investment of $1.3 Billion! (not bad for so called ‘fake meat’).

With an investment this large, there is no doubt that Impossible Foods can certainly be a competitor to the publicly listed Beyond Meat Company. What is great to see is the level of confidence that investors have for the ‘future of meat’.

Here at Let’s Go Vegan we couldn’t be happier to see more and more companies enter the space. Locally here in Australia we have the V2 Food Company who is producing plant-based meat for Hungry Jacks and eventually the world. Led by entrepreneur Jack Cowin, the company is also led by CSIRO and a team of investors.

We have also seen brands such as Funky Fields, Eat No Meaty, Veef, Unreal Co & many more hitting the supermarket shelves here in Australia.

So what does this all mean for consumers? Well, we hope it means the industry will continue to push itself and compete and by doing so increase the quality taste and viability of the plant-based future!

We are excited to see what comes next!

Australia’s V2Food
Beyond Meat
Impossible Pork! (Plant-based pork)


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