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iPantry are stocked with vegan goodies

iPantry are stocked with vegan goodies

iPantry – The online marketplace connecting Melburnians to their favourite cafe experience!


While Stage 4 restrictions have meant that many Melburnians are no longer able to access their favourite cafes outside of their 5km radius, online food marketplace iPantry is connecting consumers to much-loved cafe brands at wholesale prices, keeping consumers and local businesses connected, and caffeinated 🙂

iPantry, which launched in April, brings a wide range of cafe-quality products together in an easy-to-use online food marketplace, with next day delivery across Melbourne.

The online marketplace offers leading barista milk brands like Milklab, Oatly and Bonsoy, with coffee brands like St Remio and delicious chocolate from PanaOrganic.

As well as these leading brands they also offer delicious vegan chocolate from Pana Organic, Houghnuts (vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free doughnuts), and a variety of vegan pies, salads, cakes, and more, iPantry offers Melburnians their daily vegan cafe experience, safely.

iPantry Co-Founder, and Co-Founder of beloved community cafe chain The JollyMiller, Rimon Barbar, said the iPantry team wanted to find a way for Melburnians to still enjoy their daily cafe experience safely, following the new restrictions.

“The daily cafe visit is a sacred ritual for Melburnians, with consumers building fierce loyalties to their favourite coffee brands and cafe products.

“We wanted to ensure consumers stayed connected to the cafe experience by offering much-loved cafe brands on the online marketplace, available for delivery across Melbourne.”iPantry is being lapped up by those stuck at home and cafes fuelling Melbourne’s love affair with coffee, with MilkLab Almond Milk the top-selling product to date at 34,667 units.

Beyond keeping consumers caffeinated, iPantry was conscious of supporting local businesses through lockdown, opening up the marketplace to local manufacturers.

“We’ve received a great response from local manufacturers who are thrilled to have a new avenue to sell directly to consumers,” said Rimon.

iPanty have no minimum order, free delivery for orders over $50 and next day delivery within a 60-kilometre radius of Melbourne! (How good is that guys!)

“Essentially, we are offering cafe brands Melburnians know and love at a wholesale price and delivering them fresh to their door the next day – we look forward to keeping communities connected to their favourite brands throughout lockdown and beyond,” said Rimon.

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