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Joey Carbstrong debates radio host in a fiery exchange

Joey Carbstrong debates radio host in a fiery exchange

Joey Carbstrong debates radio host in a fiery exchange.

Well, known activist Joey Carbstrong recently took on radio host Nick Ferrari in a fierce debate over animal activism and the storming of a steak restaurant by vegan protestors.

It’s an issue that is becoming more and more common and one that has opinions divided.

Take a look at the video and you may draw your own conclusions on this particular form of activism and protest.

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About Carbstrong (via Wikapedia)

Carbstrong has been involved in animal rights street activism in Australia, Hong Kong,[3] and the United Kingdom, promoting groups such as Anonymous for the Voiceless and the Save Movement, an organization that holds vigils outside slaughterhouses and promotes veganism by sharing images and footage from farms and slaughterhouses on social media.[4]

During one protest against a slaughterhouse in Spennymoor, he stated, “Slaughterhouses are usually on the outskirts of towns and hidden away. I am sure if they had glass walls not so many people would be eating flesh. We are here to bear witness to the animals being sent to slaughter. We take their photos and show them to the public so they know where the meat they are eating comes from. These animals are individuals and they want to live. We don’t need meat to survive and we hope to make people think more about the food choices they make.”[5]

Carbstrong has also commented that “We can’t love animals whilst we’re consuming their flesh or paying for them to go into a slaughterhouse,” and that “Slaughterhouse workers are a product of a sick society who want to consume animal flesh.”[4]

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