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John Josephs Diet & Routines

John Josephs Diet & Routines

John Josephs Diet & Routines.

For those who don’t know John Joseph, he’s a former rock star, Ironman & non-labeled vegan.

For anyone who knows the John Joseph story, you will know that the above description does not do John the credit he deserves! John is larger than life and if you follow him on His Instagram account you will be hit with a mix of humour, motivation, and real health education (we are big fans!).

John has also written 3 best selling books including Meat is for Pussies (Diet), The PMA Effect (mindset) & The evolution of a Cromagnon (music).

John is a  no-nonsense and very well educated in plant-based wholefood diets. So when you get a chance to sit in (via video) on a day in the life of the Co-Mag, you take the opportunity.

In the following videos see how John cooks, lives, and thrives on a plant-based whole food diet and a little PMA! (Positive Mental Attitude)


John Josephs walks London Reels Brian Rose through the process of completing an Ironman!

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this insight into just some of John Josephs Diet & Routines. For more ‘What I Eat In A Day’ style videos, be sure to check out the link HERE.

Until next time, Let’s Go Vegan!


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