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Kindness Project to launch ‘Kindness Kickstarter’ vegan meal plan

Kindness Project to launch ‘Kindness Kickstarter’ vegan meal plan

Kindness Project to launch ‘Kindness Kickstarter’ vegan meal plan


The Kindness Project has been front of mind for us for a little while now, after their huge media blitz in late 2021. The animal rights organisation has been pushing the incredible campaign labelled #dropcroc targetting the Hermes brand across the globe. The campaign saw huge support and exposure across the world and has helped to amplify the pressure on high end fashion to adopt more sustainable and ethical methods of producing their products.




The New Initiative – The Kindness Kickstarter


When we heard about their latest initiative to help everyday people discover healthy vegan food, we wanted to help spread the word about everything they are doing.

The Kindness Project is set to release its first-ever free 28-day meal plan at the end of February 2022.

Working alongside vegan dietician Ebony McCorkell (APD) who we previously spoke with here, the ‘Kindness Kickstarter’ assists individuals shifting to a vegan lifestyle and cater to those planning to transition towards plastic-free or zero-waste practises.

The ‘Kindness Kickstarter’ launches on February 28th 2022, and requires individuals to sign up to the mailing list to automatically begin the email journey. Ongoing emails throughout the month will include useful resources, helpful tips, and encouragement intended to inspire, motivate and educate participants on how to lead the kindest lifestyle possible.



The meal plan contains nutritious and hearty recipes inspired by different cuisines from around the world, with week one featuring delicious Italian-inspired meals, week two featuring mouthwatering Latin American-inspired meals, week three showcasing incredible Greek inspired meals, and finally week four being inspired by the beautiful flavours of Asia.

The idea for the meal plan came with sustainability and affordability at the forefront of Kindness Project’s mind. While vegan food can be just as affordable, if not cheaper than a nonvegan diet, individual financial strain and accessibility to certain ingredients such as mock meat products may impact what vegan lifestyle someone is able to commit to. This is why the Kindness Kickstarter utilises mostly wholefoods in an effort to make it as low-cost and accessible to as many people as possible, with various guides to be sent out to participants on what ingredients can be obtained at local grocers, tips on being zero waste, and a vegan pantry list to assist individuals along the way.

“A lot of the time, we don’t consider the environmental impact that can still be prominent even when we omit animals from our diet”

ays Campaign Director, Alix Livingstone.


“We want to help empower people to continually reduce their impact on humans, animals and the environment in their everyday lives. Those of us with the privilege to make these changes must recognise our responsibility to shape a kinder future for all”.


The Kindness Kickstarter reflects the shift in attitudes towards waste in our modern society, which is why the meal plan has a strong focus on plastic-free living. Using whole-foods like fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds, and nuts, ingredients can be bought plastic free and in bulk from any local grocer, while being budget-friendly for individuals to buy as much as they can afford.

The shift to living a plastic free lifestyle reduces the level of harm we cause towards animals, with less plastic pollution from the land shifting into our waterways and eventually leading to less manufacturing of plastic products that cause high global emissions.

With more plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050, now is the time to change the way we obtain our food along with what we eat.



Final Thoughts

If you are interested in starting the Kindness Kickstarter journey, join Kindness Project’s mailing list for updates on achieving a kinder life for humans, non-human animals and the planet alike!

Sign Up HERE!

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