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Kraft launches vegan mac & cheese across Australia

Kraft launches vegan mac & cheese across Australia

Mac & Cheese is back in a very real way.


Not only is the new and improved version 100% vegan, but it’s also gluten-free and from all initial reports…Delicious!

The new addition to Krafts range is available at Woolworths stores nationwide and priced at just $3.99! So not only is it a delicious and convenient vegan snack, but it’s also exceptionally well priced!

We have personally tried it here in the office and have to say it was exactly how we all remembered it.



Chief Marketing Officer for Australia, Shane Kent, said that he was very excited to be the first in the Company globally to bring a Vegan Mac & Cheese to the market.

“Over the last 18 months, we have been on a journey to extend our range of products in line with changing consumer preferences and this is just one example of many things to come” Kent said.

This just goes to show how incredibly strong the vegan market in Australia is and why so many leading brands are realising the power of the Australian vegan market!

Just this week we also saw the launch of the Vegan KitKat down under which was met with a whole lot of vegan fanfare and excitement.

We hope to see many more amazing products just like this one launch in Australia over the coming year!

If you would like to see more amazing products just like the Mac & Cheese that are available in leading supermarkets, then take a look at our supermarket product section here.

Until the next epic vegan product launch!


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