Lipton launch a tea for vegans

Lipton launch a tea for vegans

Lipton launch a tea for vegans.

When it comes to coffee, most vegan’s have their preferred plant-based milk. You may be a soy lover, almond addict or a ricer, either way, there is probably a particular type of plant milk that works with your favourite coffee blend.

So how do these kinds of milk work with tea?

Well for many, drinking tea with plant-based milk can leave the tea tasting bitter and harsh. Some tea drinkers may be happy to sip through the pain, but this is certainly not a perfect world situation.

Enter a new and innovative product from tea brand Lipton. Lipton has today released Lipton Dairy Free! Yes, that’s right, they have released a range designed specifically for plant milk drinkers.

Aprile Wenke from Lipton Australia says,

“When we heard dairy free drinkers weren’t getting the tea experience they deserve, we had to do something about it”.“Our experts have crafted Lipton Dairy Free so that all Aussies can enjoy a rich, fuller taste, and fall in love with tea all over again.”

Lipton Dairy Free is now available from Woolworths, Independents, and IGAs nationally.

If you enjoyed reading about the new Lipton launch a tea for vegans then be sure to visit our product page for even more new vegan products hitting the market here in Australia 🙂 See the page HERE.


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