NEW Made With Plants vegan range launches in Australian Woolworths stores

NEW Made With Plants vegan range launches in Australian Woolworths stores

Made With Plants vegan range launches in
Australian Woolworth stores.

We sometimes feel like it’s hard to keep up with all of the amazing vegan products hitting the shelves around Australia. Every week we are seeing more and more options being added as Australian demand continues to grow. Not only are we seeing more products, but we are seeing vegan options across a ton of new categories too.

As this demand continues to grow, Australian vegan brand Made With Plants has now launched a new and improved range of products into Woolworths stores, overcoming COVID-19 supply challenges to sell 86,000 units across 1,000 stores within the first week of launch! (nice work guys!)

Made With Plants now accounts for an estimated 20% of the plant-based category available at Woolworths, with the following products readily accessible to vegan and non-vegan shoppers alike:

  • Plant-based Ready Meals

  • Dairy-free Cream Cheese

  • Meat-free Mince

  • Meat-free Meat Loaf

  • Meat-free Bacon

The entire Made With Plants range is vegan-friendly and uses plant-based proteins made from a variety of natural ingredients like seitan from wheat and tofu from soybeans.

The founder of Made with Plants is Cale Drouin. Cale founded the Green Edge Vegan grocer and Café in 2014 and started to source plant-based products for his customers. He found this extremely difficult to do effectively as most products had to be sourced overseas, years later he is developing an affordable range of amazing vegan products with Made with Plants.

Drouin said recently:

“More every day Australians will choose plant-based alternatives if these foods are easily accessible, fairly priced and above all – taste great. The fact that mainstream supermarkets such as Woolworths are investing in their plant-based category says a lot about our future food choices as a nation,”

Drouin’s speciality is creating innovative products that not only appeal to vegans, but actively engage and interest the mainstream consumer market – and he believes there will be a plant-based alternative to every single product within the supermarket in the next decade.

We certainly agree with him on this, and can’t wait to see more and more amazing products like these hit the market.

If you have tried the range, we would love to hear what you thought! Let us know at today.


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