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Mahadeva’s Kitchen gets Vegan Australia certification

Mahadeva’s Kitchen gets Vegan Australia certification

Mahadeva’s Kitchen has just been certified by Vegan Australia, making it the first Australian Cake Manufacturer to be certified by the group.

Mahadeva’s Kitchen supply to chefs and restaurants all around Australia. They have retail, catering, wholesale and corporate offerings available.

Their mission is to “Veganise Australia & then the world simply by our deliciousness” and we couldn’t love this any more! They are passionate and driven to deliver quality vegan to the world and we thought we would take a look at what they have to offer.

More on Mahadeva’s Kitchen

Here’s a little more on the brand in their own words:

Mahadeva in Sanskrit language translates to God, so in other words Mahadeva’s Kitchen is “God’s Kitchen.” Our vision is to Veganise Australia & then the world simply by our deliciousness.

Our passion is about producing delicious hand made masterpieces for the senses to indulge, taking plant based desserts to the next level.

We want to encourage people to think about the food they consume and also give them another option healthier, tastier and totally ‘Karma and Cruelty-free’.

We are also a HACCP accredited business & certified with Vegan Australia.

Take a look below.

Who’s hungry? To indulge in the deliciousness that is Mahadeva’s Kitchen, you can visit them HERE to see all of their amazing vegan cake and sweet options for you all to enjoy!

Otherwise to see more vegan eats visit our Vegan Eats section here for even more vegan-friendly food ideas here in Australia 🙂

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