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Meatfree Monday at Grill’d

Meatfree Monday at Grill’d

Meatfree Monday at Grill’d.

The announcement of the Meatless Monday campaign at Grill’d is sure to get people talking.

In another great step forward for the burger chain, Grill’d have from today launched their ‘Meat Cheat’ initiative which involves serving only their plant-based range for their Monday service. The chain recently announced that they are now serving the Beyond Burger range from Beyond Meat and have been taking more and more steps to improve their plant-based options.

On their website, they state that they have recently seen a 10% increase in orders for their plant-based burgers. This statistic alone is a fantastic ‘middle finger’ to those who still believe that the vegan and plant-based movement is a fad or ‘niche’ as one very ill-informed journalist put it
(see below).

Grill’d then go on to state that the meat-free day is a great chance to help both health & the environment, showing a new and progressive view of the changing attitudes of the Australian and global consumer.

This initiative is a telling step that the industry is beginning to shift in the healthy direction of plant-based eating. Whilst for many chains and brands it is a ‘toe dip’ rather than full-blown menu overhaul, these are signs of things to come in industries that can now sense the change in attitude.

We think Grill’d are incredibly smart to be taking the risk with a heavy meat eating base and we commend them on this great step forward. Here’s to hoping it becomes a regular occurrence at other leading ‘meat based’ eateries.


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