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Mission Pawsible release beautiful new video series

Mission Pawsible release beautiful new video series

Mission Pawsible release beautiful new video series.

If you have ever travelled to Bali, Indonesia you will know that stray dogs are unfortunately a very common sight around the island. Due to these dogs living on the streets and therefore continuing to breed due to a lack of spaying and neutering, puppies and dogs are often dumped or left to fend for themselves on the streets. This is incredibly sad to see, and as animal lovers, you want to help them all, but sadly can’t.

Luckily for the dogs of Bali, there are some incredible organisations and individuals who have made it there lifes’ work to help, rescue and rehabilitate and re-home these beautiful animals. One organisation in particular which was started by Australian women is Mission Pawsible ( Because every rescue mission is possible!).

Mission Pawsible is an organisation and network of groups and individuals who all contribute to helping these vulnerable animals. The organisation also works with local vets to get the help they need to do this incredibly difficult job. With so many dogs on the streets, this is a mammoth task, but the work done by Mission Pawsible shows the power that can come from those who want to truly make a difference in the world.

Mission Pawsible even have an online store HERE which allows you to support a great course, whilst purchasing a stylish gift for the pooch or feline in your life.

Recently the organisation began releasing a series of videos and we wanted to share the first on here as we found it so incredibly inspiring. We hope to see more of these in the coming months and encourage you to go and check out some of the incredible transformation stories on their YouTube Channel.

And if you wish to donate to this fantastic initiative we highly recommend you do so and go and see some of the amazing work they are doing in Bali.

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